Updating the June Inner Artists Tour….

So far we have over half the month of June booked for interviews as part of the June Inner Artists Tour. The goal is five interviews a day for all 30 days. We have requests by over 90 members of the book industry to get involved, and that’s just within 12 hours of the announced event.

We hope to include some special guests who have received invites. Some have already accepted and we hope to get them on the pages of the site and give you, maybe, a different look into their worlds.

Remember, this is not a cut-and-paste interview. These are actual newspaper-style features. With my background in their field stretching almost 20 years, I have absolute confidence when I say, ‘you are in great hands.’

Now, a few sneak peeks and what I believe will need to happen:

  1. First, since I plan on doing five a day, the goal is to not overflow the writing so that any one subject gets buried. I want everyone to get their equal read.  So my initial thought is that each story will be no-longer than 500 words. This allows for readers to not kill themselves going over each piece and getting burnt out by the fourth subject.
  2. There will be the generic “Who are you” tidbits needed, including what part of the industry do you wish to promote. Are you an author? Cover artist? Publisher? Editor? Agent? These are quick.
  3. There will be a serious question: “What is the Theme of You?” In other words, what  made you? My personal theme would be something like: I have overcome adversity in a life full of great moments. Every time I get set back, I take three steps forward. I come from a dark place, but I always find a light.”
  4. There will be some short answer questions. Easy stuff
  5. Then I will probably add 2-3 in depth questions for more “feeling” and allowing the readers to get you.
  6. Then I will obviously want some art from recent projects or upcoming ones you wish to promote. I also would love to have “real life” photos of you. Maybe on a honeymoon? At Disneyland with you and your kids. Or maybe something relating to the theme. Were you incarcerated at one time and now you are rebuilding your life? A jail mug = then, a happy face with your spouse = now.
  7. Remember, I will be writing transitory paragraphs and setting up the feel of the story. I will just need your solid answers.
  8. Try to get back to me, by letting me know what side of the business you wish to represent. Author. Publisher. Etc.


I am really excited to do this. It could be great for you and who knows, may help my work a bit too. Like keeping the skills sharp.

A tentative schedule will be released this week.

                Take care and contact me anytime. Make sure to follow these blog locations for updates.




3 responses to “Updating the June Inner Artists Tour….

  1. Alan, not sure you caught my interest on Book Junkies. In case you didn’t, for sure, count me in.

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