Update on the Interview Tour….24 hours later!

And wow….111 bookings in pencil. I am going to go to bed. Tomorrow, I want to read more of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Huner, 11/22/63, and my non fiction book. Yeah, I read three books at a time. I hope to book more interviews (please get the word out). I really hope to land some of the guys and girls who have been oh so helpful to me….but we shall see.

I also plan on writing a new blog in a few days titled, “Another major factor for the fall from grace for America.” It focuses on the lack of creativity amongst our entertainment elite.

I kinda hope the June Inner Artists Interview Tour works out well. I would like to parlay it into a possible career of interviewing people in all industry. Hard hitting questions, no bullcrap, cowardly stuff…you know ask the stuff that no one else dares to ask?

Ah….we shall see.

Oh, and if some of you have asked on to the tour and have not facebooked me….please find me at


and add request me, so we can add you to the group involving the tour. It will allow for another way to get updates and interract with the other artists.

Okay…..that’s it for now….

Thanks for all your cooperation.




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