The ART OF AGGRESSION: It’s always about the writing…..tour updates too



We are still needing about 15 spots filled, but again, waiting to see if some special invitees take a bite from the offer.

Otherwise…blog site followers grows….about 20…

Butttt, Networked is now up to almost 75….that’s what? About a 1000 percent growth in 72 hours? More than a week left before the tour begins? Not bad. Would still love the subjects to promote the blog site to help generate more traffic by day one.

Ideally? 100 would be a nice starting point. Awesomely? 500. Dream? 1000.

But we would all have to bring in about 1 new follower a day for the next 8 days….possible….but high reaching….


As for the stories? I have already received information back from three of the five, first day interview subjects….very good stuff. May have enough additional material to easily create some later features to fill in tour holes or maybe for later big expose pieces…..

A small group of, let’s say um “professional” indie authors are now complaining that I am “spamming” artists to get them on tour. Here is a little education for those not familiar with the journalism field: Most of our hard news and feature stories are established by contacting persons not expecting us to contact them in the first place? Many of these people we don’t know at first communication.

Sure, I am also hoping for some residual successes for my books, especially the DNA series, but this IS STILL JOURNALISM. I am not blogging, I am writing newspaper articles for a blog site. I truly believe this could take off.

I hope so….I hope the total 150 at most stories are to most peoples’ liking. Maybe this could become a place for up-and-coming authors to make a home for themselves and big interviews? Maybe some of the June subjects will become huge in the industry and they and I will build a trust where they can come to me for future articles?

I will always take care of you as long as you honor my need for information to make a piece work….

I am not a fluffy guy, but I am not a sensationalist guy. I believe in reporting the human condition and the way the world works for each person. I believe the writing always speaks for itself.

Remember this: Any Journalist worth their salt does not attempt to write sensationalist or tabloid gossip pieces. Those are wannabees wanting to break in. Most of the time when they get their break, they ultimately blow it….because….

The writing always speaks for itself….

Anyway, yeah, I am getting some Journalistic advice from people who are not journalists.

Great, I’ll be sure to get back to you “write” away.

I don’t like the whole wag the resume thing….but after a long break….I came back and the last five years have been quite strong in the field. Before that? A nice 10-plus doing various things since I was 14…so you are in good hands. It would be cool to create an independent journalist career that’s for sure.

Speaking of Hands

A reminder….many of you have given me more than enough information to use.

That’s a good thing on many fronts:

1. More is better to pull from than less is to create from…

2. You have more information for use in future pieces or updated editions of potential redux interviews of your own.

The only part I hope you all grasp is JUST BECAUSE you spent all that time and don’t see it all get it the first piece, you DID NOT waste your time.

IT will all be put to good use….

I love my tour peeps….

BIG NAMES update

I have invited some pretty nice sized authors a chance to join….some have…some may become a part of Fantastic Fridays….Interview with 3-5 artists.

Will keep you posted when they become official…..


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