Newest sneak peek for the ‘Summer 150 Tour’, say hello to Roy Mauritsen


Here is the newest sneak peek for the upcoming ‘Summer 150 Tour’ beginning on Friday.

This one features author/artist Roy Mauritsen.

Roy’s genesis as an author came from discussions with many of his fellow creative minds that only spoke of, but never delivered on their promises.

“As a writer, the main drive was to be the guy that didn’t sit around and talk about writing that cool novel, but to actually do it,” Mauritsen said. “I wanted to lead by example, if I can write and publish a novel, then other people could. I am an artist and all-around creative type person. I enjoy the challenge of creating. Most people don’t work in a field they love, but I’ve no complaints; I get paid to create and come up with stuff every day and I’ve made a decent living from it.”

Artistic impression is just that, but to transition from paint brush to keyboard, or pen and paper, is still one that would take time to master.

“As an artist the stories, themes and inspiration are always there, but the challenge for me was leaving my comfort zone of color, composition and toolset, for things like punctuation, verb agreements and tracked changes in MS Word,” Mauritsen said. “Artistically it’s okay to make mistakes. But not in writing so It was discipline I had to learn. I’m still learning. It’s a very left brain process for a creative right brainer like me. However, I was able to use my art to help explore my stories and characters, a process that helped me mentally visualize things as I wrote certain scenes. Or other scenes I wrote would help inspire some art. It worked both ways. But the whole process of writing the novel took me well out of my comfort zone.”

BE SURE TO READ THE WHOLE STORY on Saturday, June 2 at 12:01 a.m., when the ‘SUMMER 150 TOUR’ continues that day with three interviews.

Also, make sure to encourage more fans to the PRESS!


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