A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE: The Entertainment Business’ duty to the public



SOUTH TEXAS, USA – Everywhere you look anymore there’s someone calling for a revolution.

Politicians saying we need to go back to our roots.

College kids saying we need to change the way the world works.

The 99% saying class warfare is destroying the country.

The only problem is the biggest voice on the planet is too absorbed with rehashing crappy concepts to help actually call for a revolution.

That’s right, I’m talking about the entertainment industry. Now, while some actors, and singers may have stood up saying things are wrong, the vast majority of the entertainment world isn’t helping further the cause.

During the American Revolution, the actors and singers along with play-writes and song writers helped rally the public. During the world wars, they brought a sense of unity. During Korea and Vietnam they helped organize the hippies.

Now what are they doing? Rebooting Spiderman for the fourth time, remaking Real Genius, and generally force feeding any two-bit hack with auto-tune on the radio to us.. Not only are they not helping further the need for rebellion they’re actually helping those who wish to quell it by systematically dumbing down the public.

The entertainment industry has great power. They can help guide the masses, they can help direct people. They can help educate people. Instead they’re actually hurting us.

You don’t believe me? Flip through the channels on your TV. Reality TV, stupid sitcoms, singing and dancing contests, even the newscasters are focusing on Little Timmy Johnson who helped raise money for his favorite politician and not the problems that face our world.

What are those problems you ask. Pointless wars, over spending by the government, government control of things that should be left to the people involved to decide. The list goes on and on. Who helps stifle the calls for the rebellion?

The very people we need to rebel against. The banks, the lawyers, the politicians, they are keeping you muzzled and stupid. They are force-feeding you the people a pack of lies, and for the most part you’re all buying into it. You are being brainwashed one commercial at a time, one pointless vote at a time, one soda, and hamburger at a time. The people who have the power to help fix this are too busy counting money to help.

They aren’t doing their duty to the people who support them. Instead they’re bypassing that duty and working against it. They hope you don’t pay attention, they want you to buy that burger, buy that soda, watch Free Willie 32, pay $600 for that new flat screen tv, stop reading, stop educating yourself. They want you to be “sheeple”.

Without guidance there is no hope, without hope, no life.

Millions of voices crying, weeping for change in the world with no one to guide them. The internet can only take the message so far, the desire for change can only be expressed so often before it becomes a worthless meme.

Now, am I calling on the entertainment industry to focus on my message, my dream, my desires? No I’m not. I don’t want them to pander to me, I don’t want them to tell me what to think. I want them to present what’s out there, I want them to focus our attentions. Do a tv show on the 99%, write a song about the oppression, make a movie about protestors. Follow the really crazy candidates who honestly want change for a reality tv show. Show the people what’s out there.

Tell them what’s going on. Feed them knowledge instead of teen singers who have to be tweeked in the studio. Feed them information instead of the tenth version of the same story. Stop stealing from classic TV for movies, stop making movies about board games, stop singing about adolescent love. Give us a choice, give us information, give us honest entertainment.

If you’re not going to be part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I hate to tell you this, but there are a few of us who are awake, we haven’t bought into your bullshit. We may not be able to get everyone to drink from the fountain of knowledge without your help, but we can get enough people to make you feel it where it matters to you the most, your pocketbook.

Maybe not as much as we would like, maybe not enough for you to take notice. Somewhere, someone in the industry is going to hear the battle cry. Someone will see the need for actual information to be put forth.

Someone will eventually see what needs to be done and step forward. That person will be remembered fondly in history, that person will help create a revolution. That person will finally do their duty to the people of the world.
Stand together, call for change. Accept all that is right and demand the wrong be done away with.

Not everyone is correct, not every cause is just, not every law is bad.

Weed out the wrong, help recognize the injustice, stand for what’s right, stand for what you believe in.


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