What? Another ‘Summer 150 Tour’ Sneak Peek? How’s Wenona Hulsey today?

Wenona Hulsey, author, from Alabama (submitted photo)


Here is the first excerpt from the June 2 set of interviews during the ‘Summer 150 Tour.’ Here is your new friend and ours, Wenona Hulsey.

The fledgling author who works as a shipping manager for a small company that manufactures kitchen cabinetry was determined to do what she dreamnt to do: be a successful author.

But, those pursuits haven’t come with the common obstacle many face: a doubting public.

“There have been negative remarks, especially where I work,” Hulsey said. “I’ve actually been told that dreams are for rich people with time and money to waste.  I didn’t let it stop me.  I said this to a friend who asked me why I decided to publish, ‘I’ve finally reached a point in my life when I’m not afraid to fall on my face.  At least I can say I tried instead of wondering what could have been.’”

It will be a year this July when she published her first book Blood Awakening, a prelude to her novel Burden of Blood.

“I’m in the editing stages of the third book in the series, Blood of Fire and my plan is to have it out at the end of June,” Hulsey said. “I also have a novelette in the works that will tie into the Blood Burden series.  It’s from Luke’s point of view and is set just before Burden of Blood.  I’ve been asked by fans of the series if I’ll do a spin-off with Nicole and Luke and I can say…maybe.  I’m also working on the second draft of a crime thriller that I hope to release this fall.  I’ve got tons going on but not enough hours in the day.”

See the whole interview on Friday at 6:01 P.M. EST.


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