A Good Cause: Check out DeGeit, she’ll make you smile

“She Makes Me Smile,” written by Mandy DeGeit is on sale at Amazon Kindle and for a good cause. (Submitted art)


OTTAWA, Ont. – Standing up for what she believed in made Mandy DeGeit a bit of celebrity within the Independent author community  of weeks ago.

Calling out the injustices of a small press publisher – one who’s run from the spotlight even puts O.J.’s romp to shame – DeGeit claimed the rights back to her short story, “She Makes Me Smile” and in turn could possibly make plenty other writers grin just a bit in the near future.

The book is selling for $.99 and is a self-published effort for DeGeit, who is one of the hotter names being talking about on the circuit.

According to DeGeit, the story, available on Amazon via Kindle service, has sold a nice amount of copies since its release just over a week ago and with each cha-ching there is an extra benefit.

Fifty percent of every sale will be used to pay $25 to all the authors who saw their works placed in Cavalcade of Terror and a contributor’s copy of the now defunct book for copies of their stories. It was that anthology which  DeGeit targeted when the publisher – Anthony Giangregorio – butchered her intended version of She Makes Me Smile in that book.

The rest of the money will be used for hiring a contract lawyer based in Massachusetts to look over other contracts that may have been altered without author consent in three other presses run or administered by Giangregorio, according to DeGeit.

She Makes Me Smile tells a story, written in the first person narrative, which delves into the darkness that even some of our closest friends may keep hidden. The main character walks the reader through visceral emotions which crest in an unexpected climax to a situation that should never have happened in the first place.

For those interested in the book and a want to support the cause, check it out at http://www.amazon.com/She-Makes-Me-Smile-ebook/dp/B0085KMVAO/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t.


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