A View From the Middle: Why Zombies? Why not for any reason?

By Non Practical


SOUTH TEXAS, USA — The big question is; Zombies, why the massive interest in them? Why sudden popularity?
If there’s one thing I know for sure, right now, is the world goes in cycles.

Supernatural beliefs are the same. There used to be the big three, Zombies, Vampires, and werewolves. Luckily for us there was a book series that turned the latter two into pansies and pretty much stripped them from the equation all together.

However aliens and ghosts have rapidly stepped up to fill the void. Right now, the interest is in zombies. Why is that?

Personally I like to think the zombie apocalypse is the dream of many a nerd and geek for one reason and one reason only:


That’s right, years of being picked on, laughed at, and otherwise mistreated has left a lot of rage in the people who are secretly dreaming of a zombie apocalypse. When all those people who constantly caused pain suddenly die and become zombies it’s perfectly legal to bash their face in with a large blunt object. Well not so much legal as, there’s no real law anymore and you’re saving the world by doing it.

Others are drawn to zombies because no one knows how it could happen. Vengeful god, science experiment gone awry, stupid doctor trying to mutate rabies to cure cancer, voodoo, or good old fashioned virus. It could be any number of things that creates walking dead.

Most likely people are drawn to zombies because they’re cool. Plain and simple the idea of a something other than human killing and re-animating human bodies so it can spread is just exciting.

What ever the draw is, it’s a simple fact it’s stronger than ever.

Why the sudden surge in preparedness?

Well, take a good look around you. Riots, uprising, upheaval, genetic experimentation, natural disasters, reality TV shows. These things are all signs of the apocalypse. People figure the collapse of the world is at hand, and they should be ready for it. But is being ready for zombies really the best way to ward off the apocalypse? Well yes, it is. Let’s face it, no matter what you believe or what you want to believe the end of the world will be a violent and evil thing. If you’re ready for one scenario you’re ready for most scenarios. Granted the dead returning to life is rather specific but let’s run over being prepared really fast.

You have food, water, and supplies stashed away. These things are always helpful, no matter what end of days beliefs you have. Having these things not only prepares you for the world ending apocalypse it also prepares you for hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, reality TV marathons. You’re ready. You can safely sustain your own little world for a while just having these things.

Knowing and having your weapons, very helpful against the undead or raiders or looters or disgruntled baseball fans.

Having a shelter picked out for the apocalypse is also good for any other scenario. Your family has a rallying point. Should the bomb fall, dead rise from the grave, or the Twinkie factory shut down, you’re in good shape.

So being prepared isn’t a bad thing, especially when something bad happens.

How does this impact daily life? Well that’s rather simple isn’t it. People are prepared, they’re ready to take care of themselves. When the world starts falling apart a select group of those who were ready will be ready.

Governments will fail, banks will collapse, and your stock will be worthless. But we’ll all be here with our canned bacon ready to pick up the pieces and build a new world.

A world in our own image, where your beliefs and status aren’t dictated by the masses, individuality is accepted, and there will never be another crappy remake of an old movie again.

Utopia? Probably not, but at least we’ll be doing better than we are now.


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