The ART of AGGRESSION: Mali nails it on the head, but it’s a very small one indeed

By AK Dale


MALIVILLE, Teacherdom – Simon Bestwick introduced me to this video featuring teacher advocate and poet, Taylor Mail (see video).

I have mixed opinions.

As far as I personally am concerned? I relate to this.

When I did teach I felt the same way and was known as being very disciplined, motivating, and gave the students serious direction. They loved the leadership. So yes, I get that.

But here is what I also know.

Most Teachers tended to be, by far, the most immature, unprofessional, and basically, uneducated lot of people I have ever worked with.

Taylor Mali, poet and teacher advocate (courtesy photo)

They gossiped about the personal lives of students – um you aren’t in High School anymore so why do you know about the QB boinking the band nerd? – were loud, and lacked any form of disciplinary tools needed to succeed.

They were basically overgrown high school kids who never left the courtyard.

Then I read an article about five years ago (and for the life of me I can’t remember what magazine it was in, Newsweek?) where it said of the top ‘honorable’ or ‘name’ professions (doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, computer software, etc)…people who taught tended to be the least educated of the lot coming out of high school and ultimately college.

Here again is where I defend the profession.

You want the best minds?

Raise their salaries. A $100,000 mind will not teach at Morris Tech.

But then here we go back to immaturity.

Teachers are CONSTANTLY striking for usually more pay.

Do people realize they make more than the average salary in the United States? Even in this economy. I see teachers making 60,70, 80K in some districts and with a summer off to boot where they can piggyback income if they wanted to.

Sure the 9-months are tough…but you essentially work HALF the year. 185 days or so usually out of 365. How about the normal M-F 9-5rs? They average approximately 250 days a year and in many cases, half the pay.

Oh but all the homework you have to grade!?!?! That’s your problem and inability to economize. I rarely had tons to do at home as a teacher and yet everyone got everything we needed according to my assessments.


Point is…teachers are being blamed for the ills of kids caused by parents, have no power whatsoever unless an individual like Taylor Mali stands up and actually decides he doesn’t want to be fodder for a brainwashing mechanism.

They raise the standards for the teachers, but they don’t ever for the kids who are still allowed to do whatever the Hell they want.

Yet, in the end, it’s all a Catch 22….bring in the worst to work you will get a residual result and then how do the kids benefit?

They don’t.


Raise the standards for people graduating from college, make them have to test into a teaching program, and cut tenure out. Make these people who want to matter earn the right to matter and not just take on a role that quite frankly many are not qualified for.

I want a role model….not someone who just likes being there and lacks the personal discipline to see it through.

Nice job Mr. Mali…too bad so few of you exist.


His website


2 responses to “The ART of AGGRESSION: Mali nails it on the head, but it’s a very small one indeed

  1. If the board of education actually had a hand in the curriculum, there might be hope but since outcome based ed was put in and is dictated by the labor board, we’re going to have a bunch of drones to man our FF counters and kitchens.

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