From the EYES Of…Dianne Gardner, love, support, pushes author to another Realm

Say hello to Dianne Lynn Gardner, author and artist of Western Washington.



STATE of WASHINGTON – They once said she had her “head in the clouds.”

But that’s quite okay for Dianne Gardner, because she is reaching heights the talented lady always dreamed of.

Gardner, born in Lakewood, Ohio, and now living in Western Washington, works full-time as an artist and author, while living with her husband in one of the more loving areas of the Northwest.

“I write because I have an imagination that won’t quit,” Gardner said. “I’ve been an oil painter for many years and have expressed my heart through my paints, but I found writing fantasy and painting is much more expressive and fulfilling. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger and at one time people called me a wordsmith.”

Like many artists, Gardner has taken a chance to crossover into the field of painting with words.

The first installment of her Ian’s Realm series, Deception Peak, will be available through Hydra Publications in September. Gardner is geared up to keep readers informed of the launch, book signings, sales and contest on her blog site.

Deception Peak is the first book in the Ian’s Realm series written by Dianne Lynn Gardner. It’s release is scheduled for September. (submitted art)

Yet, despite some at times feeling she couldn’t pursue these goals, she has decided to embrace those around her – including seven children and 14 grandchildren – who give her the positive vibes needed to perform at a higher level.

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is touching people’s hearts,” Gardner said. “I love teens and if I can communicate with them through my works, help them with their struggles through my characters, than I am elated.

“Success in my career goal is taking my readers on an adventure that they’ll remember and enjoy, and perhaps change their lives for the better, if needed,” Gardner added.

The story of Ian’s Realm shared the tale of Ian Wilson who is content being a normal fifteen-year-old, living a reclusive life with his widower Dad.

But when his adventurous father leads him through a portal to another Realm, and Ian watches his dad disappear into a cave, Ian is forced to draw upon courage he never thought he had. He soon learns that because of the incompetence of the people who hold him prisoner, the burden of saving an entire world from Stenhjaert the Dragon’s tyranny is on his shoulders.

“I have painted ever since I was young and I wrote also but never a novel,” Gardner said. “I did write an opera when I was young. It was very sappy. I have been working on the Ian’s Realm Series for over a year. I am on my fifth book of the series each in different draft stages with the first almost ready for publication in September.”

When she works on her novels she applies various motivators to write including some life experience, walks in the forest, music, and art. She also “loves” fishing and kayaking.

Her pursuit to create good works remains buoyed by the positive influences around her especially her husband

“There have been many encouraging people in my life,” Gardner said. “My husband is number one. He lets me do what I do and boasts about my work to everyone. He’s my number one supporter.”

Gardner is also holding a contest for all readers where they can win a magnet with an illustration from the Ian’s Realm Blog Contest at the book’s website (see below).

To Follow the Works of Dianne Gardner

Ian’s Realm website,

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