From the EYES Of…Eugene Cusie, you are under…cardiac arrest!

If the story is even just half as good as this cover, Eugene Cusie’s ‘The Bomb and the Cage’ could be one epic tale. (submitted art)



LEESBURG, Fla.. – He carries a badge on his sleeve while living with a keyboard at his fingertips whenever possible

Eugene William Cusie is here to keep you under control and within the limits of the law while also wanting to scare you to death with tales of mayhem and death,

A recently married man, Cusie is living the life as a detention deputy at a local deputy’s office and additionally has begun a career as a self-published author of horror.4

“I was in the hospital visiting a family member who was on his deathbed and I guess you could say I was on deathwatch,” Cusie told WERZOMBIES Press about the genesis of his writing career. “Well it gave me the idea for a horror story – Finding the Flower Girl. I was told by everyone I showed it to that it was a great story, so I put it on Kindle.”

Cusie published The Girl in the Flower Dress through the outwardly shady Publish America organization in 2009 and learned the hard way about the ills of publishing, especially those which befall a newbie author.

“It was my very first book published and it was a train wreck,” Cusie said. “They promised editing servic

The cover of Eugene Cusie’s first published work, ‘Finding the Flower Girl. (submitted art)

es, publicity, and told me that I was going to be the next big thing, it was all a lie. If I could do anything over, it would be to stop that from making it out and made the real product that is Finding the Flower Girl.”

So far the returns from his co-workers in the law enforcement field have been mixed.

“The response is kind of split – some don’t care, some are interested, and some buy every book on day one and ask me how my writing is coming along,” Cusie said. “ I have definitely made a few fans from coworkers.”

Maybe the rest are scared of a man whose works have been said to make readers shiver just a bit more than the human body should.

Consider, Apartment 23a, his newest release, is about a man who has issues distinguishing between what’s real and what are nightmares and Finding the Flower Girl is about a man who wakes up in a town void of the living, populated by the ghosts of children brutally murdered, which he has something to do with.

He also released his first zombie book, the eloquently titledThe Bomb and the Cage.

“I’m new to horror, but I feel there is definitely a place for me here,” Cusie said. “If I could recommend one piece of work to the average horror reader it would have to be Apartment 23A. I wrote this after going through a divorce. It’s filled with anger about the way things went down and I feel it shows my potential as a writer. I just hope you take a look at my books and try one of my stories and enjoy the characters as much as I do. “

Of course getting remarried in October to the “woman of my dreams” may change his horrific edge, but for now he pounds out the scary with plenty of motivational forces including his betrothed Ella, his three “I listen to a few artists whom change over time and mood,” Cusie said. “A few of those are Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Staind, and as of recently, Adele and Florence and the Machines.”

He also has a solid idea of what drives him and what he considers success as an author.

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is reading the reviews,” Cusie said. “Good or bad, they are still feedback from living, breathing, feeling humans. I never imagined in a million years that people would actually want to read anything I have written. That being said the worst feeling is giving out 1,000’s of copies and receiving zero feedback.”

That doesn’t mean Cusie’s aims aren’t set higher.

Is this the face of a horror writer? Read Eugene Cusie and you will find out soon enough (courtesy photo)

“I would only consider myself a success if I could reach the top ten on Kindle in sales,” Cusie said. “That would be simply amazing seeing my name in the list. That and be able to help loved ones when they needed it financially.”






WERZOMBIES Press thanks you for taking the time to read about our special guest here today. The Press is an Alan Dale creation and is inspired by his DEAD NATIONS’ ARMY (DNA) book trilogy which launches in July with his first novel, “Code Flesh.” The Press  hopes you consider subscribing to the site and look forward to more interviews, news features, columns, and many more in the future. Once again, thank you for joining us here at the Press!


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