From the EYES Of…Lindsay Downs…an author in your service

These are the figurine representations of Kebi (left) and Dakota, the two dogs who have provided Lindsay Downs plenty of motivation during her time as a writer (courtesy photo)



CONNECTICUT, USA – She is surrounded by the love of her two pets and enveloped with a desire to write.

Lindsay Downs, a member of Astraea Press’ corps of writers that comes to telling her tales based on her felling of neglect for men and women who serve in one particular branch of the military.

“I’ve always liked to write, to tell stories, Downs said. “My choice of having characters in the Army stems from the lack of books featuring that branch of the military. I added in a collie to bring a touch of humor to the books and make them appeal to readers of all ages.”

Of course having a Border Collie, Dakota, as a family member along with Sparkie the cat was just an added bonus to find an easy core character to write about.

“My original collie Kebi is where I got the inspiration to use that particular breed in my books,” Downs said. “At first she was my muse but when I started the Emily Dahill Series I switched to Dakota as my muse.”

As far as Downs’ writings including aspect of army life, that comes from her and her mother’s times as members of this particular branch of the United States’ military services.

“Many authors have written and continue to write about the Navy and Marines,” Downs said. “I feel it’s time to let readers know about a small unit within the Army that helps to keep soldiers and civilians safe.”

Downs has been writing since 2006 and was first published in 2008 and now she is working on the fourth book in the Emily Dahill young adult series. The newest installment is tentatively set for July.

“If you thought solving crimes was boring, you haven’t met Special Agent Emily Dahill and her partner Dakota,” Downs said. “Together they give ‘taking a bite out of crime’ to a new level.”

“A Body in the Attic’ is one of the books in the “Emily Dahill series written by Lindsay Downs.(submitted art)

All the Emily Dahill books, which also talk on themes including dealing with bullying, terrorism and crimes against soldiers and/or civilians, are available through my publisher along with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Downs also self-published A Special English Rose, a 4,000-word short story, in April and is available on Amazon in the KDP Select program.

“I have several other projects at different stages of completion but I’m not ready to discuss them yet,” Downs said.

As her writing career continues, Downs doesn’t lose sight on the ultimate thrill the completion and ultimately, the publication of a work gives her.

“For me the rewards for the work I put into a book is hearing that my readers love not only the story but the characters,” Downs said. “I don’t mean to diminish the value of positive reviews and royalties as I value them also, being, for all intents and purposes, tied to a computer for hours on end while I write a story. One friend likes to refer to me as a hermit since I very rarely come out of my house except to go to the store or walk my dog.”

When she isn’t writing the author finds time to read and watch TV shows, focusing on crime dramas.

But for now, writing is her love and she takes a lot of pride in what she has accomplished.

“I am proud to be multi-published by one publisher and I am continue to be published with them,” Young said of Astraea Press. “Early on in my writing career I had someone tell me they didn’t know how or where to classify my books. If I was to run into them again I’d tell them, ‘I guess someone knows where my books belong, on Amazon.’”


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