TOUR FLATTERY: Ah, imitation…the greatest form of respect


Amazing how just a few weeks ago some “professional” authors were questioning members of the PRESS’ credibility when the Summer 150 Tour was launched.

Amazing how so many of those “professional” non-journalists were questioning how people paid over $300,000 the course of a career could “have the nerve” to do this tour. How dare we pursue the bigger names in the independent writing scene.

Of course, now some of them are copying how we promote a novella…one doing pretty good in sales for a first ever publication.

Now? Well lets just say the PRESS has found another example of someone making their own type of project that eerily copies elements of the Summer 150 Tour.

But the concern, we’d have would be: Only do what you can do within your skill set. Don’t copy something you find cool, but can’t emulate fundamentally. That could easily hurt your future credibility. Want pointers? Ask us. What to be better than us? Ask us about that too. Competition is good. Better competition? Is outstanding! It makes everyone around it benefit.

Yet, they can only do it for a week here or two weeks there and maybe interview or what not a person or two.

We want 150 in 50-plus days.

The newest example lies here: Indie Author Network.

Do we rip this site? Heck no! We want them to be visited! We want people to read them! It only helps these authors and others to get more exposure. Kudos to this network for going with it! We have no issues and we want more to pop up.

See we want to set the trend. We expect to push ourselves higher and continue to get better. We will gladly support others of our ilk and push them forward. Let the readers and subscribers decide.

But, we will be the last to try to undermine anyone who goes for it. Hear that, professionals?

Just remember who gave all you newbies the idea in the first place.

What has two thumbs and started it all?

These guys….never forget…the PRESSSSSSSS……


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