From the EYES Of…Lorraine McLeod, turning dreams into reality step by step

Lorraine McLeod is in a state of “Euphoria” for her first novel release (submitted art)



EDMONTON, Alb. – She enjoys the writings of Clive Barker and Dean Koontz.

She considers success as an author to come simply by way of being read.

Most importantly however, for Lorraine McLeod, it ends up being about having one’s priorities in order.

That’s where it appears this Edmonton native with roots tracing back to years growing up in Liverpool, England, thrives off her family’s growth while also seeking her individual expanse as an author and artist despite the struggle it can bring.

“My biggest obstacle is time, I never have enough of it,” McLeod said. “My second obstacle is the house my husband and me are still building.  That takes a lot of time, which of course takes me back to the first issue.  I’d put money as a third, because if I didn’t have to work full-time to earn money to pay the bills, I’d have all the time I needed.”

She married – her second marriage – in 2003 and ultimately moved to Canada in 2004 with her five children. Before that she earned a degree at Lancaster University and studied at Blackburn College.

Currently, she works as a Web Content Coordinator and works with her own publishing company, Papaver.

“This was inspired by a painting by my friend,” McLeod said. “I loved it so much I use it for my logo and named the company after it.”

As in the case of many others in her line of dream work, McLeod also found her love for the arts as a child.

“I always wrote from being a kid,” she said. “I’d make up my own mottos and song lyrics/poems and I loved writing stories.  I flirted with acting for a while but after getting married and having a family the writing bug started gnawing away at me again and I took some creative writing courses and started my first novel.  Creativeness is in my genes I think.

Lorraine McLeod (Courtesy photo)

“My mum used to sing, my dad used to play piano and other instruments, my grandfathers on both sides were also musical (one grandfather had his own jazz band), and my brother is a musician/songwriter,” McLeod continued. “I was once told I sang out of tune, but I didn’t care and carried on singing anyway!  I felt it might be easier on other people’s ears if I channeled my creativity into writing instead of singing.”

Instinctively, she believes being read is paramount but ultimately she would love to have her writing create sustainability for herself and family.

“If I could start making enough money to give up the day job, that would be a bonus,” she admitted. “The most rewarding thing is when someone tells me they loved a story, or a character, or gets mad at me for killing of their favorite character.  The most unattractive aspects would probably be the research time I often put in, but then the research is usually interesting too.”

What McLeod’s followers have found interesting is obviously her work.

She has released two short stories and most recently, her first novel, Euphoria.

Euphoria is based on a tale of a demon that deals drugs but without the benefit of having repeat customers.

Her two shorts are Parasite and Mr. Neon Blue.

Much of her writings have their own flair while her love of famous writers is evident.

She cited Barker as one of her favorites, “because his visuals are amazing and he spins worlds out of the ether,” while she also enjoys Koontz, “because he’s so fast paced and he can write great characters.”

“Parasite” was one of Lorraine McLeod’s first short stories (courtesy art)

All told McLeod hopes to continue onward and upward toward her dream of one day fashioning a career has a renowned author especially after a life that has seen her continue along an upward spiral.

“Someone once told me I’d never make it on my own with five kids,” she said. “Not only did I make it, I took myself to school, came out with a BSc in two years, moved to Canada and have a great life.  I think I proved that person wrong.”


“Euphoria” on Facebook

Lorraine’s Amazon Author Page in U.S.

Lorraine’s Amazon Author Page in U.K.

“Parasite” on Kindle (U.S.)

“Parasite” on Kindle (U.K.)

“Mr. Neon Blue” on Kindle (U.S.)

“Mr. Neon Blue” on Kindle (U.K.)

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