The ART of AGGRESSION: Facebook follies sure to soon fail

By AK Dale


THIEFTOWN, Zuckkerberg — Mark Zuckerberg thinks you are really stupid.

Don’t worry..he thinks a lot of people are stupid.

Typical attitude from someone who is not as smart as he thinks he is and worse not as intelligent as people paint him out to be.

Let’s be honest shall we?

Zuckerberg – or as we at the PRESS like to call the Mark wonder, Thieferberg – has a laundry list of sketchy to brag about. Sure he attended an Ivy League school and is allegedly this software coding ‘genius.’

But a lot of criminals (allegedly) came out of the Ivy too.

Let’s review

  • Started Facebook simply out of spite. He used his little platform as a way to get back at a girl who simply wasn’t interested in him. Could you blame her? He comes off as a royal douchebag.
  • Then (allegedly) his Facebook took off after stealing a grocery list of ideas from two equally douchey twins.
  • Then Facebook takes off and they proceed to input Terms of Service agreements that basically say they can use any creative materials put on their pages and use it as their own.

    Here’s an idea for a name change if more Facebook execs have to leave the nation due to criminal activity (WRZP art)

  • Then Facebook continues to make tons of changes to its platform without warning…over and over again. Users find their privacy compromised time and time again. Users are continually bothered with having to update settings seemingly every six months.
  • Then Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin flees the country to avoid ponying up for excessive back taxes he has conveniently forgotten to pay for a bit of time.
  • Then Facebook goes public but then has issues with any serious purchasing from the people-at-large. Later it is heard that there are rumors on alleged insider trading. Some of these rumors include Thieferberg as being heavily involved.
  • And now this…Always Upward’s: “FB Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts”

So…now a boy who got lucky and is openly admitting he is making billions of dollars off of a service that does NOT charge its users, is putting into play the potential first steps of having entities pay to gain more exposure via the site.

Facebook is the barometer setter for social networking.

All types of businesses, artists, and other entities have gone about using the platform to

The boy wonder, Mark Thieferberg (courtesy photo)

make names for themselves. Bravo to Facebook for creating the ultimate DIY vehicle.

But now this?

So, now many may end up either having to pay for their fans to see updates and information that they could use to better their endeavors.

Sure, they may not have to and no one is making them pay.

Yet, what does that say when an entity openly admits to making billions upon billions of dollars by creating a FREE service and now is even sniffing an idea of charging users for, quite frankly, anything?

Well there is that little CIA thing too right? YouTube, “Facebook is part of the CIA”

Of course, the gas companies continue to charge about $3 more a gallon than they need to. Of course making 10 figures in dollars isn’t enough and our rich kid government continues to let their former playmates in the sandbox to rape the world of its measly incomes to pay to get to work where they go to make those measly incomes.

Thieferberg hung around and partnered with a man who is an admitted tax evader.



You are who you hang out with. We here at the Press have no doubt that this is the beginning of the end for Facebook.

Users are more and more disenchanted with the umpteen changes that occur in a week and the quality of the service is flailing. Since going public the problems continue: longer to download, more clutter on pages, weakening security.

And paying for exposure?

You heard it here first: By 2015, Facebook is no more; 2017, Thieferberg is in a Federal penitentiary.

Maybe we’ll go start a blog…


2 responses to “The ART of AGGRESSION: Facebook follies sure to soon fail

  1. Please sign the petition I started to Mark Z. asking him to change this and allow all fans of a Page to see that Page’s posts on their news feeds without the Page owner having to pay: If enough people sign, he may do something to change it. He has done so in the past.

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