From the EYES of…Rick Carufel, around the world in a day, back again

Rick Carufel is ready to terrify (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


 GOODVIEW, MN – Rick Carufel is DIY all the way.

A self-employed artist over 40 years and now a self-published author, Carufel is taking his life by the scruff of the pen to make a difference in the industry.

While doing so he finds interesting ways to motivate himself.

“I usually have the TV on my left playing a horror, thriller or Sci-Fi movie and the one on the right on the discovery, history or Syfy channel,” Carufel said. “I listen to classical music and late night talk radio such as Coast to Coast AM.”

The multi-tasking, self-entertainer also likes to read, compose art, and collect movies.

Carufel became a writer once he was rendered disabled a decade ago with ‘back issues.’

“My dreams are nightmares, nightmares of a total police state, nightmares of millions of deaths from Fukushima,” Carufel said. “Fortunately my disability pays all my bills and I have ample time to ponder doom and gloom.

“Having been a commercial artist for decades I have found that ‘God given talent’ is a myth,” he added. “Practice makes perfect whether you have a degree or not.”

Carufel dipped into the horror genre after some of his early experiences with that world as a youth.

Rick Carufel has plenty of art to share with readers of the Press (courtesy art)

I think I read horror at too early an age and it had a permanent effect on my psyche; H.P. Lovecraft and Harlan Ellison warped my mind,” Carufel said. “By the time I was 12 I had an extensive collection of horror literature as well as DC comics and many pulps from the 30s.  I had a $1 allowance and could buy many books for a nickel, in the many second-hand shops around New England (where he grew up).”

Those influences have led to writings that have brought forth some interesting input from those who digest his works.

“When I write a story and a reader tells me they found my work disturbing, that is rewarding,” Carufel sad. “My goal is not to entertain or amuse, it is to give the reader the feeling when done that his brain has just been wiped out with a dirty rag.  I guess it’s a Dada kind of thing where the desired effect is to outrage the viewer, in this case the reader.”

Carufel’s work also may be a byproduct of communication with many others including the powerful, if not so perky, influence of the women in his life.

“My career as a writer is fueled by the interaction I have with my fellow struggling writers,’ Carufel said. “My earlier career as an artist was fueled by the lifestyle; I always had lots of money and beautiful women and always lived in tourist traps where there were plenty of both.

What can one say about the imagery in Rick Carufel’s head (courtesy art)

“I am a firm believer that behind every great man there is a woman telling him he is wrong,” he continued. “Over the years there have been many of those. Maybe I shouldn’t have squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars partying away the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Well for the here and now Carufel seems to have a grip on what he wants to accomplish.

“I write to try and earn a living and leave a legacy when I die,” he said. “I wish to make enough money to be able to paint some major pieces by which I will be remembered when I’m gone.  The same for my books they are, hopefully, a means to an end and a legacy of horror.  Thus far these goals have not been reached.”

There are a few places that may be reached in the near future if Carufel has his druthers.

“I think I would like to tackle the mystery of the hollow earth,” he admitted. “ I met a lady in California many years ago who listened to Admiral Byrd’s live radio broadcast from the Antarctic and remembered him saying they had discover vast new territories with forests and wildlife.  I would like very much to go there and check it out and then write the tale.”


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