From the EYES Of…William B. Tooker III, from Daniel Boone, to myths, to writer in bloom

William Tooker means business as his writing career makes strides (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


MARYSVILLE, Ohio – His love of writing was born from his early days as a fan of Daniel Boone to only maturate into a strong love for folk tales and mythologies.

Ultimately, Ohio’s William B. Tooker III came upon his adulthood and would soon be motivated to become the best author he could be due to what he saw all around him.

Using “bad shifts” at his “day job” in tech support as a key spark to his wanting to be the best he can be, Tooker pushes onward and upward.

“The day job is actually quite motivating,” Tooker said. “It reminds you of the things you are working to avoid like being underpaid, taken for granted, and always a bad day away from unemployment. If I could write all day every day I would.”

The love of writing came from his growing affection toward comic books and is need for adventure has grown ever since.

“I like a wild ride when I read. I like surprises,” Tooker said. “I like to be left in a hopeless situation and then have the hero zig instead of zag and completely change the game. If that sounds like your kind of read come and join me.”

Tooker attended Ohio State University before moving to San Francisco to pursuit a career as an actor and ultimately fell into a role as a writer.

“I’ve done some freelance work for Bluewater Comics,” Tooker said. “I am under the CCP Comics banner for Mythica with Matt Campbell. Kevin Gentilcore and I own Creephouse Comics which we founded. I also publish my Horror/Sci Fi through Trestle Press.”

Before leaving Columbus and OSU, Tooker had plenty of support from one particular friend.

Another example of William Tooker’s various talents (courtesy art)

“There was friend of mine from college who I was friends with due to my involvement in Ohio State’s theatre department,” Tooker began. “He read a play of mine and told me that while I was a good actor, I was a great writer. He was always a harsh critic so I took him at his word. Thanks Arik Griffin.”

People were reading Tooker’s works even further back.

“Friends I made getting into High School all had their turn reading my hand written fantasy stories that were born out of love for Tolkien, Terry Brooks and Roger Zelazny,” Tooker said, noting his writing career kicked off around the age of 14 or 15.

Since then he would find his niche and with that he would discover what would mean the most to him as Tooker grew within the profession.

This is one of many examples of the look William Tooker’s books aim for when drawing readers’ attention (courtesy photo)

“Success to me would be financial independence based solely on my writing,” Tooker admitted. “Because bliss for me is making stories with my friends and to do it for a living would mean I’ve succeeded.

“What is the most gratifying for me is when a reader asks for more,” Tooker said of what he gets gratification from in the present time. “It means my work has connected with them and they want the story to go on. The most unattractive aspect is writing something and then discovering someone has already done it. But there is nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul and time into a project only to see a movie with the same plot when you’re 10 pages from the end of your project.”

As for future projects Tooker plans to stick to what he knows best.

“I don’t feel like I could define the time period I never experienced better that someone who lived at the time,” Tooker said. “I think my responsibility is to reflect a somewhat accurate mirror of this time. But one theme that does show up in my writing is how so many of us are driven by fear and how that creates enemies where none exist.”


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