FLASH POINT: Another college-area shooting, people should be outlawed, not guns

Not again (courtesy photo)


ALABAMA — Okay here it is again, another campus shooting (see YAHOO! story)

Of course people panic and freak out over these particular incidents all the time. The morons out there claim “our children should be safe!” “our campuses should be safe!” etc. etc.

No you idiots…you should be safest in your own homes, not where up to thousands of people can congregate at one time.

But then the whiners come out ripping security.

NEWS FLASH…people get butchered behind locked doors and windows in their own homes. So, where do you figure a school, a mall, etc, should be a haven?

You live in a country – the United States – overflowing in wimps. We settle our fights though shooting someone or sending them to court via false accusations or hurt feelings.

Excuse us?

I grew up in Chicago…inner city…and I can simply say, that if you can’t handle your fight with your fists, or even better healthy discourse,  and choose the gossip, slander, or worse, use of weapons route…yes, you are a wimp.

I can use even better words, but I don’t want to insult cats.

Facts are this: the USA is the most violent nation on the planet. You can’t count war torn areas because, well, they are at war stupid!

But isn’t the USA at war too? We live in a society of constant fear. Are we going to get shot? Stabbed? Are we to be scared of what we say because we may offend someone and get taken to court or worse, arrested?

We are at war with our neighbors. We live in an era of people’s communism – you don’t fear the government as much as you fear the person next to you.

Of course this shooting will make people cry out against security issues and gun control.

Gun control? Hell, I think guns are for people with zero guts, yet, now? Now? The Press believes it should have a law allowing anyone over 18 the right to get a gun for free…just to protect themselves from the other lunatics.

Our development of guns was born out of racism. Being a white kid from a multicultural neighborhood I can truly say STOP BLAMING PEOPLE WITH GREAT TANS FOR THE ILLS OF GUN USAGE.

I see plenty of pasties committing gun crimes and plenty more committing serial killings to be completely honest.

The problem isn’t color nor background. It is a problem of people, or more specifically, weak people.

We can’t allow gun control anymore because you would empower the weak. The weak who walk around all hard and thinking they are tough because they are packing. How many of those same big balled talkers seem to shrink into wee mushrooms once found without artillery? Most if not all.

We decided to discuss this because the comment boards on the latest crime just sickens. Blame a certain ethnicity. Blame security. Blame gun control.

Yeah. Right. Keep blaming. You learned well at the pulpit of our governmental leaders for the last 30 years as the country has fallen apart. All we do is blame and do nothing to fix.

Maybe we should fix ourselves first.

But before I do that, I am getting a gun.

I’d rather shoot first and ask questions later.

It’s the American way.

Yet something tells me…I’ll pass.

I’ll stay unarmed and carry my manhood with me everywhere I go.

Not in a holster or in my belt buckle.

I can live with that and if need be, die like that too.



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