FLASH POINT: Maybe the First Amendment should be revised?

Portland major Sam Adams is come and gone after being undone by hyperbole in conjunction with a maybe (courtesy photo)


This is the first of many discussions regarding the continued failings of the first amendment in the United States of America.

Today, all we hope to do is bring to light the need for potential change.

It is the PRESS’ feelings that the first amendment is out of control. We have media sites, bloggers, informational webpages, and common citizens blatantly abusing their “right” to speak.

But now maybe it is time to reconsider the outright unlimited nature of this beast.

Sure, technically, we have a right to say whatever, but it doesn’t guarantee that what you say won’t end up costing you. It can cost you a job, a marriage, a friendship, etc.

Yet, still so many use hit-and-run tactics in speech and skate.

False accusations in our schools against teachers are rising and now, reportedly, make up the majority. How about the Duke rape case? Lacrosse players lives get ruined, people like Nancy Grace, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson call these innocent boys guilty, and walk away untouched.

Huh? Yes, even the scumbag of a stripper FOUND TO HAVE LIED…walks away.

Grace? Keeps her gig. Sharpton and Jackson? Still allowed to annoy the shit out of us.

The kids who lie? Oh, sorry your feelings must have been hurt and you just acted out…here go to prom.

They should be in jail.

We have magazines like a local weekly here in the Northwest who seem to thrive off of and brag about their ability to go after public personalities and lives. They seem to care more about destroying individuals than going after a cause (see Sam Adams story, it appears said weekly broke the story).

Why don’t those same idiots go after apparent lunatics like NIKE kingpin Phil Knight who allows one of his employees to make fun of an NBA basketball player’s serious knee injury because the kid signed with ADDIDAS. Or how he allegedly employs slave, child labor in the Phillipines? Or how he publicly supports a man – Joe Paterno – who appears to have helped shield an apparent mass child molester – Jerry Sandusky?

But these “credible” organizations can go after anyone and dig and dig and yet if they screw up? WHERE ARE THE RETRACTIONS? WHERE?

How come so many papers will report on someone being arrested for a crime to not follow up with the case dismissal or acquittal?

How many people go onto message boards and call people slanderous names to only find out the accused did nothing wrong?

All you tough people hide behind your avatars and big typing.

It has got to stop once and for all.

These are acts of malice. These are acts to destroy. Sure in the case of the media, some do get led astray and are trying to do some good works. Trust me, I saw some of my newspapers get led asunder by some bogus story. At least we would clean it up.

But we also didn’t brag that most of our big-time stories seemed to only revolve around the destruction of people’ lives and sometimes for what is considered borderline activity that was only made worse in the eyes of the public.

We would like to begin a slow, investigative, series of interviews and stories based on a push for reciprocity. We must find a way to stop the blah blah with venom and punish people who abuse the first amendment.

Maybe people should be forced to talk with some type of facts? If not then make sure not to say stupid stuff about people if you don’t have all the information you need. Talk about your like for steak…that’s safe.

Too many stupid and evil people are allowed too much freedom to just blah blah.

There has to be something put into play.

Sam Adams lost a career because people went after him for something he “allegedly” did and wasn’t even arrested for. A news weekly help spearhead that. Based on what? Hyperbole? Give me a break.

Maybe we should be allowed open access against those who feel the need to go after people for any type of questioned behavior.

That just may be where we start this fight.

The first amendment must continue to stand…its the ones who abuse it that must begin to fall before the abuse spins further out of control.



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