From the EYES Of…Kirk Allmond, he is what zombies fear

Kirk Allmond (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


YORK, Pa. – He is what zombies fear.

Kirk Allmond should know plenty about that as the corporate trainer has moved into the world of seeking out all zombiephiles to make them understand the ghouls can be scared too.

Of course, one would have to take a gander at Allmond’s What Zombies Fear series, now approaching its fourth book overall.

“I own and operate The Zombie Preparedness Initiative and as part of that site, I posted my plan for the zombie apocalypse,” Allmond said. “One day on the site someone challenged me to write a short story, so I fictionalized my plan, and posted it.  Within hours, people were asking for more chapters in the story, so I wrote more and more, then I started a WordPress site and posted chapters there as I wrote them.”

His one-year anniversary as a writer of horror, zombie fiction was celebrated on Thursday and the release of his first book in the series What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest was released on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

All told it will be four books written in less than a year.

The man loves his zombies.

“My most recent work is really my best yet,” Allmond says of the newest book in the series. “What Zombies Fear: Fracture is about how even a strongly bonded group of people can fall apart without great leadership, or if leadership is distracted.  Victor is the leader of the group, and he’s slowly becoming overwhelmed by everything that’s happened to him up to that point.”

Allmond hikes in spare time along with preparing for the “inevitable” zombie apocalypse, which of course his books emphasize. Maybe that fear has prompted his need to pound out the books in such immediate fashion.

“The great thing about writing this way is that it keeps people engaged in the story as I’m writing it, and it helps me stay motivated to write,” Allmond said. “The drawback is that it’s very difficult to go back and make changes to the beginning of the story, because a percentage of my fan base has already read that part.  I hate to have to tell them ‘Go back to chapter four, where Tookes put a tube of superglue, a toilet paper roll and seven rubber bands in his pocket, because he needs those rubber bands now.’”

His sudden emergence on the scene and his ability to produce works en masse has led to plenty of positive.

Kirk Allmond’s “What Zombies Fear” series is getting serious and a larger following every day (courtesy art)

“The most rewarding aspect of my work has got to be talking to fans, in person and on Facebook,” Allmond said. “I interact with the fans several times a day there, and they can also post comments to the WordPress site.”

All these moves and efforts can only help Allmond push closer to his goal of writing greatness.

“I would like to be a full time writer at some point,” he said. “That may have to wait another 17 years until I retire, but that’s the dream. I believe that if any person wants to be happy, they first have to define what success is, to them.  For some people, success means money.  For others it’s a specific job title, and yet others it’s fame.  For me, success means being my own boss, and making a living, while having time to make my family a priority in my life.”

He hopes to continue working on plenty of projects that paint a bleak world following apocalyptic events, but he may eventually turn his attention to that fight to a different audience.

“My next project will still be post-apocalyptic, but won’t have zombies,” Allmond said. “ Instead I’m going for a much tougher existence, with human antagonists.  In the writing of WZF, I’ve learned that it’s really hard to make a zombie truly evil.  They are what they are, and especially in my books, the slow, stupid zombies aren’t evil, they’re just zombies.  To insert a quote from one of my favorite movies, “Fish’s gotta swim, bird’s gotta eat”.


What Zombies Fear Library

What Zombies Fear Facebook.


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