FLASH POINT: The man can cry all he wants, he’s guilty of doing nothing

This man, Mike McQueary (left), failed to save a child from rape…and some people excuse it (courtesy photo).


Jerry Sandusky is for now, if only for a few hours, an alleged pedophile.

With 50-or-so potential victims you’d have to say he’s not being railroaded, but he is the actual Peddy-Express.

Then we have our famous little assistant Mike McQueary.

Yes, the Penn State football coaches past and present did some really evil or stupid things.

Sandusky? Appears to be the second coming of Wayne Gacy minus the crawl space and murder.

McQueary? Regardless of how this YAHOO! ARTICLE paints him as a contrite reporter of a crime, the fact remains:


Why are people still apologizing for him? Why do people keep asking the enabling question, “You don’t know what you would do in that situation….”

If anyone has to consider choices when walking in on a grown man RAPING a child, then that person should basically do us all favor and jump off the nearest bridge.

I mean really?

We protect this loser because he’s contrite?

He ran. He reported it. Saw this old alleged (cough) perv still roaming around and didn’t consider maybe DOING SOMETHING MORE ABOUT IT?????

What the Hell?

The man should never be allowed to work with or around kids. He has proven that he is not able to protect them from a dangerous situation. I mean if he freezes up seeing some old man raping a kid how will he handle a fire? A seizure? A fight with a weapon?

He’d probably run away and report it….

Mike McQuery may not have raped anyone but he is complicit with at least one (allegedly, or so he admitted on the stand).

He testified that he allowed it to happen.

And yet Americans actually apologize for him.

If you are one them…please either get sterilized or give your kids up for adoption.

At least we can ensure you wouldn’t put any more children at risk.

Of course we live in a nation where Penn State football fans actually made excuses for a coaching staff and administration allowing a man suspected of improper behavior with young boys to roam their halls and grassy knolls with more kids in tow. I don’t know about you, but I’d cut my losses and ask Jerry to at least take his act elsewhere. Why would anyone allow themselves to be seen as playing party to such potential behavior?

That tells me the real motivations behind McLoser’s inability to save a child from being raped.

YOU HEAR US MIKE MCQUEARY??!?! Your reported inaction allowed a child to be raped.

Jerry Sandusky allegedly RAPED A CHILD because you walked away.



Shame on you…


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