From the EYES Of…Michael Lorde, from family guiding light, to writing brightly

Michael Lorde’s former life (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


SE MICHIGAN – A former law enforcement official, Michael Lorde has entered a whole new universe.

Living in the Midwest after being born in upstate New York, Lorde is now a full-time author and parent of four kids. He resides over his youngest, an 11-year-old daughter, as his other three are now adults.

“My kids have always been my inspiration,” Lorde said. “That hasn’t changed since my eldest was born. I think for a new author, the most difficult thing is to keep stepping forward. It takes time for folks to start recognizing your name and your book.”
Lorde, who is affiliated with Paper Airplanes Publishing, uses – to no one’s surprise – a peaceful setting to set his perfect place to write.

“I use the quiet,” he said. “Once I’m in front of the computer, the writing comes pretty easily.”

Lorde has always had some affinity toward the world of books.

“I was a bookworm as a kid and have always written,” Lorde said. “While I thought many times about publishing a book, which is pretty difficult to do while working two jobs and raising kids, until Blind Veil, I hadn’t pursued it.”
Once he pursued the art, Lorde learned quickly what he most enjoyed about the craft.

Michael Lorde’s “Blind Veil” is the first effort of what the author hopes is a long line of strong works for years to come (courtesy art)

“What I enjoy most about writing, is the writing itself,” Lorde said. “What makes me happiest after that is when readers let me know how much they enjoy what I’ve written. After all, authors do write to share their work with others. The only part of the process that I don’t’ enjoy, is truly one of the most crucial parts and that’s the editing. Even then, it’s so great to see the end results once it’s cleaned up.”

Lorde wants to take his writing to a level that not only entertains the reader but also allows them to dig into their own psyche.

“I believe it should be the goal of everyone to learn empathy as early in life as you can,” Lorde said of one of two current issues he would consider writing in the future. “We are in a society which often rewards ‘individuality’ over ‘community’. While, as a parent and author, I greatly respect individuality; I think unless we practice empathy towards others and respect the community as a whole, we diminish our ‘individuality’ in which case it becomes virtually meaningless. ‘Our world’ should never become the isolation of ‘ourself’. Unfortunately, this seems to sometimes be the case with folks. We’re all in this world together and should practice being here for one another, every chance we get.
“The second thing is that there is enough good to go around,” he continued. “It bothers me when I see someone terrified of sharing or see them hording their knowledge because they believe that will bring them success, as if anyone else can steal your success from you). The people I’ve known who are truly successful share their knowledge and experience freely. It’s convinced me that the reason for their immense success is that they aren’t tight fisted with their sharing. It’d be nice to see everyone practice this. Having said this, everyone has their own moral codes and beliefs to live by. Who am I to judge another? As long as I watch over mine, I’m doing alright.”\

For the time being, Michael will write about what has gotten him into the eyes of the readers.

“I’m currently working on the sequel of Blind Veil, due out this December,” Lorde said. “I also have an anti-bullying book due out soon, and I’m finishing up a fantasy/thriller. This past year has proved very productive.”

For the time being, Lorde will take his early successes to heart and hope to build on them with a little more sweetener.

“I think to complete a book is success,” Lorde said. “To sell the completed book is a success. To hear that others enjoy it is a success. Everything beyond that is the icing on the perfect cake.”



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