From the EYES Of…Craig DiLouie, he will infect you with his special brand of horror

“Infected” is one of the works of esteemed author Craig DiLouie (submitted art)

By AK Dale


CALGARY, Alb. — When you one says the name of Craig DiLouie in horror circles many look up and take notice.

A well respect author of fiction, in particular ones that deal with zombies, Di Louie is a name brand for reputed publication company Permuted Press.

With a handful of books that have made quite a lot of people sit up and take notice, the author from Canada writes to in essence, feed that unrequited zombie inside of him:

The one that has a constant hunger to create.

“I am driven by the creative urge and the desire to see what I’m creating finished,” DiLouie said. “I prefer no stimulus other than coffee. In fact, ideally I will write in a nice quiet room without any distraction.”

DiLouie, author of THE INFECTION and THE KILLING FLOOR, also works as a technical writer and marketing consultant specializing in the electrical construction industry.

“My biggest life-writing balance problem is not time, its energy,” DiLouie shared with the PRESS. “One only has so much mental energy and my family and business take almost all of it. It takes a supreme act of will to sit down and really focus on the massive labor involved in getting a book done.”

“The Killing Floor” by Craig DiLouie (courtesy art)

DiLouie is married to a “beautiful wife” and the couple have to “fantastic” young children.

“I honestly already feel like I’m living the dream as my work has achieved a level of success that is both gratifying and humbling,” DiLouie said. “That being said, my goal is to work with one of the major publishing houses.”

DiLouie would have gotten to that coveted status by way of a long journey travelled from many days long past.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was nine-years-old,” he said. “My first “book” was about the world ending due to a series of natural disasters: A tidal wave pounding Washington. Moscow buried under miles of mud. Since then, I’ve always been fascinated with apocalyptic horror fiction as a reader, and more recently, as a writer.”

DiLouie ultimately moved on to dealings with the undead and hopes to spread his wings as a writer to create a larger room to roam for his vast talent.

“My past three books were zombie and monster fiction, and I’m now working on something completely original,” DiLouie said. “Themes I find myself revisiting include ordinary people thrust into survival situations, alienation from everything that was once familiar, loss of loved ones, fear of death and whether one has any responsibility to other people during a major crisis, all wrapped in a brutally violent and frightening story set against the backdrop of the apocalypse.”

His tales to date range from Tooth and Nail (“described by one reviewer as Blackhawk Down meets 28 Days Later”), The Infection (“a story about five ordinary people who must pay the price of survival at the end of the world,”) and its sequel The Killing Floor which has been released in recent months and has earned strong acclaim.

Yet despite his successes he is ever the perfectionist looking for better work out of himself.

“No matter how many times I go through a manuscript, I will always find an annoying typo when it gets into print, an occasional turn of phrase I feel I could have done a little bit better,” DiLouie said. “A story never becomes perfect it only improves with each pass the author takes at it. Therefore, if you want your story to be perfect, you’ll never stop working on it, and it’ll therefore never get published, so at some point you have to say it’s good enough for publication. It can be hard to let go.”

“The Lego Zombie Apocalypse’s rendition of Craig DiLouie’s “Tooth and Nail.”

Why should DiLouie ever truly let go? He has a strong base of supporters and his work has touched many which only give him more positive energy to absorb.

That could be a blessed omen for his future works.

“The most rewarding aspect is hearing from somebody who read my work and reacted to it in some deep way,” DiLouie said. “When you write, you are basically doing it for yourself. Although the book is intended for others to read, you are so close to it you really don’t know how people are going to react. When people read it, it completes the creative process, and when they tell you what they thought of the book, it makes that process a loop. It’s just incredible to me that through the magic of suspension of disbelief, one person can type some words about imaginary people and situations that somebody else reads, and then that person breaks into a sweat and has nightmares. If you think about it, it’s really amazing.”



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