From the EYES Of…Lori Lopez, sons of artistry, it’s in the genes

Lori Lopez (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – She comes from a family that appears to be ripe with talent as it drips through the genes.

Author Lori Lopez has been writing fiction for 15 years and now it appears her sons have some talents of their own.

“I have two grown sons, Noél and Rafael, who are also multi-talented like me,” Lopez said of a family versed in the skills of book writing, poetry, art, music, acting, and others. “My sons and I have formed a creative company to showcase our talents, Trilllogic Innoventions.”

For Lopez herself, she has been actively creating for as long as she can remember.

“I wrote and illustrated a number of poems, stories and plays from an early age, but none of them survived,” Lopez said. “I knew since I was fifteen that I wanted to write novels.  However, I still write poems and stories too.  I ended up a journalist off and on.  I wrote some songs after teaching myself guitar. Then I finally achieved my goal to become an author of fiction about fifteen years ago when I began my first novel, DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS.”

Part of these desires to produce as she does comes from a virtual well of thoughts and visions.

“I have an overactive imagination, and ideas just pop into my head at random moments,” Lopez said. “But when I’m actually focused on writing, my preference is to have no music or other distractions.  I like to delve deeply into my thoughts, immerse myself in a project.  Yet I don’t shut myself off in a room.  I’m less distracted by normal activity around me than I am by having Facebook open.  Facebook is like Pac Man; it can gobble up the hours of a day like candy.”

Lopez uses a lot of different sources of motivation and material to create her works.

“At times I will draw from real life when I create – my moods, emotions, past experiences, present conflicts, details observed around me and online,” Lopez said. “But often I will just reach out or in and pull material from nowhere like a magician.  Because I see writing as part magic, part sweat, part skill, and a large part talent.  Without the talent, you will probably not stand out unless you are so bad or weird as to be funny and good in some warped sense of fascination.  But sometimes it definitely feels like magic is at work because you have no idea where something came from or how everything managed to fit together so perfectly.”

“An Ill Wind Blows” by Lori Lopez (courtesy art)

Lopez is known in circles as being quite supportive of other writers and will offer to read other works if the time allows. Of course the need to read other works only enhances her own production.

“Any love of writing has to begin with a love for reading,” she said. “I loved books since before I could read, back when the letters were just arcane symbols on a page.  Once I learned to read, it became a passion.  Once I learned to write, the same thing happened.”

Then of course when it comes to writing itself, talking of the art allow the love for it flow from her in her description of it.

“I love the act of writing and I find a measure of peace in sculpting with words, more than I find in doing artwork,” Lopez said. “It’s what I feel I am best at, and what I never want to stop doing.  I also love knowing that my writing has entertained others.  That still amazes me.  I don’t see any negative aspects to writing other than having to promote it.  This makes me uncomfortable and takes too much of my writing time.  I’ve had to adapt to being more extroverted, the way I used to be when I was small.  Then I became an introvert, due largely to an abusive childhood and bad marriage.  But I find it’s easier online to interact with people I don’t know too well than in the physical world.  I still need to improve on that.”

Helping her improve were some guiding forces in her life. Some of those include her sons who, when it’s all said and done, make all the difference for Lopez.

“Teachers and a librarian encouraged me as a child and some friends have believed in me along the way, but there were times when only I believed in myself,” Lopez said. “Then my sons came along.  They’ve been very supportive, as I have tried to be for them.”







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