From the EYES Of…Vincent Hobbes, down to earth and back again

Vincent Hobbes and his wife Jamie (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


EARTH – Vincent Hobbes is anything but simple in his approach to things.

The writer from “Earth” if only for the moment – “I’m thinking of moving to a different planet if the world continues its path of chaos” – finds his energy in one of the more unique, if not at least honest, points of focus.

“My driving force is to control the madness,” Hobbes said. “I have to write, though I’m not exactly sure why.”

A full-time writer and associate with Hobbes End Publishing LLC, Hobbes also finds his motivation from silence and music when the need arises.

“Though my motivation is to keep from going insane,” Hobbes said. “So I write as a form of therapy.”

He is surrounded by his wife, sister, and two nieces that he’d “die/kill for,” and two dogs and a cat that compose his family.

“My mother was always a driving factor, encouraging me to be creative,” Hobbes said. “My wife, of course, she’s the one who has to deal with my madness. My family and friends have all been a great support.”

One of the works of aspiring author Vincent Hobbes (courtesy art)

So have some readers of his work.

“I think there is always an obstacle when it comes to pursuing your dreams, whether you do it full time or not,” Hobbes said. “Having someone read and review my story is definitely one of the better things that come from writing.”

He admits he also doesn’t like the hard work that it takes to write any type of piece but,

“then again, life is hard work, so who’s complaining?”

Hobbes is someone who values his privacy and to release any of his work took plenty of courage, he says, because publishing anything would be considered an “invasion of my privacy.”

So instead one could see him easily relaxing on a deserted island with some of his favorite authors’ works in tow.

“I’d take Allison M. Dickson, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley,” Hobbes said. “I think the conversations would be quite interesting. My material objects I’d take would be a knife, gun and spear. If one of the authors I brought gets out of line, I’d be able to remove them from my island.”

After writing his whole life and now professional for the past few years, Hobbes will aim to add to his portfolio of works. He won’t say what is on the horizon for his fans.

“Hopefully it will be in many people’s hands,” he said.


“KHOST” You Tube Trailer





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