From the EYES Of…Graeme Reynolds, breaks stuff, creates more

Graeme Reynolds (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


WALES – He breaks computers for money but likes to sit in the quiet when he creates.

A contract software tester, Graeme Reynolds, is a blossoming author from the United Kingdom.

“I like to write dark, suspenseful stories with an element of morbid humor,” Reynolds said. “I also love to include twists that keep the reader on their toes. The great thing about writing is that there is no special effects budget and the only limitation is the imagination of the author.”

Right now Reynolds is balancing his time between his job, writing, and other interests.

“I have a smallholding, so the maintenance of that takes up most of my time,” he said. “I do book reviews for Starburst Magazine in the UK and play a bit of Xbox when I get chance. I used to do karate until I got bored of hurting myself and realized that I was probably getting too old for spinning kicks.

“It’s been incredibly hard to balance things, especially this year as there are so many other things that I need to do,” Reynolds continued. “The guilt of unfinished odd jobs has made it very hard to keep my focus. The day job is not so much of a problem. In fact it sometimes helps if I am working away as I can hide in my hotel room and get on with the writing at night.”

First Reynolds pounded a number of short stories, thirty to be exact. Recently, he completed his first novel, High Moor, about werewolves.

“Just getting my first novel published and then seeing that people liked it was my first main success,” Reynolds said. “I hadn’t thought much beyond that as the first book was such a milestone. Now I just want to keep my output up and carry on writing books that people enjoy.”

For many authors, profound success is limited to a few. Yet, the little victories earned as a member of the trade still resonate with people like Reynolds. He also is well aware of its pitfalls.

“The most rewarding aspect of writing is hearing that people loved what I’d done. It gives me a real lift,” Reynolds said. “The worst aspects (apart from editing) are when people either don’t like what you’ve done or you attract the attention of an internet troll. Days like that make me wonder why I bother.”

Of course this man has learned the art of pressing on due to the aid of some very influential forces in his life.

“My English teacher at secondary school helped an awful lot because she taught me to use writing as a means of expressing my emotions and to get any negativity out of my system,” Reynolds said. “That helped me an awful lot in early life when I struggled to come to terms with things, and meant I could push on from there into writing stories.

“My family and friends have all been very supportive although my other half does insist that I prioritize other little jobs above my writing,” he added. “If anyone had been unsupportive or a general ass-hat then I’d just ignore them and cut them out of my life as their opinion would not matter to me.”

As the stories keep flowing, the ideas keep germinating, and the talent maintains its rise, Reynolds aims for some serious future works to come to life.

“I really want to do a big post-apocalyptic novel,” Reynolds said. “I’ve got a really great idea that I’m itching to write but have had to put on hold until I finish the High Moor series. I keep making notes and working out the ideas, but that one’s going to be a couple of books down the line because I want to make it special.”






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