From the EYES Of…Lisa C. Hinsley, a plethora of big goals

Lisa C. Hinsley (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale

WIRRAL, England – She’s been writing since her days as a little girl in Portsmouth, England.

Now living close to Liverpool, Lisa C. Hinsley is a “sort of” full-time author with big goals.

“We moved up to the Wirral a couple of years ago and I left a very good job as an architectural technician,” Hinsley said. “My husband had finally been given full work-at-home status, and we moved nearer to family. Plus, house prices in the south are astronomical and we could afford to buy up here. Unfortunately there are very few jobs on the Wirral, and I couldn’t find work as an architectural technician, so my career has changed. I now work part time caring for the elderly. The rest of the time I write.”

Hinsley has been writing for as long as her memory can stretch back in time.

“I’ve always written, since I could pick up a pen,” she said. “Mum says I was writing poetry at age four. But I don’t write poetry now, I write dark fiction – whether it’s horror or sci-fi. After my youngest was born I began writing more, as a sort of catharsis to my very messy first marriage and divorce. I got encouragement on a writers’ site I belonged to and was taken under the wing of a professional editor who saw a diamond in the rough state of my work.”

Now trying to hone the craft that she aims to perfect, Hinsley has to make the time to better her attempt at the trade.

“My biggest obstacle is balancing home life with writing,” Hinsley said. “Hubby made a rule a few years back that I could write as much as I want after the youngest goes to bed. I try and stick by that rule.”

Hinsley has been married 11 years to her high school sweetheart after a nine-year break in the middle of their journey. Hinsley had two kids from a previous marriage and the current coupling has given birth to a third blessing.

“Sometimes there are fairytale endings,” she said.

It is happy enough for the author to balance her one job with ultimately her most important.

“When I’m not writing I am a housewife,” she said. “Hubby and I believe in someone at home looking after kids, so my children have never known such things as coming home to an empty house. This can be biting financially, but worth it for the few years you’re raising kids. So my hobbies revolve around home life. I love to cook and bake. I have an allotment which I was allocated last summer, so I am hoping to get decent veg this autumn. When the urge takes me I love making jewelry with semi- precious beads.”

It could spread like the “Plague” if people start catching on to Lisa C. Hinsley’s writings (courtesy art)

Still there is that other world of writing which Hinsley still holds big goals and higher marks to reach.
“I would love to get a creative writing degree,” she said. “I’m sure it would hone my skills and make my writing so much better. I looked into an excellent course at the John Moore University last year, but the cost was prohibitive.”

That could be quite a strong addition to her repertoire with six writings already under her belt and many more to come.

At least her fans should know how much she appreciates the good things that come from her writing.

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is reading back something I don’t remember writing and thinking how great it is hardly believing the words are mine,” she said. “I have a very supportive husband. He lets me write while the laundry builds up, puts up with evenings behind the screen when I’m on a roll. My mum is probably my greatest fan, but at the end of the day I encourage myself.”









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