From the EYES Of…Zoe Saadia, quite a history with his one

Zoe Saadia (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


ISRAEL – Born behind the Iron Curtain to eventually settle in the Promised Land, author Zoe Saadia has a tale to tell.

It is of a positive spirit and guiding hand of strong support

“I have a wonderful, extremely supportive family who puts up with living with an ‘artist’ surprisingly well,” Saadia said. “My parents, my husband, both of my kids – I have no idea how do they put up with me,”

An educated woman who learned in colleges across three continents even if not completing all course work, Saadia writes historical fiction and gets all “the stimulation I need while doing my research. History really makes it easy for a writer.”

Saying she works 19 hours a day, Saadia recently completed her first series.

“I just finished my Pre-Aztec series, which are beginning with the fall of the Anasazi – the ‘wrong’ location notwithstanding,” she said. “This first book of the series does qualify into pre-Aztecs, because it’s presented from the outsider.”

She researched pre-Columbian Americas for more than ten years, marveling at the variety and richness of its history.

“This continent, prior to its discovery, is misinterpreted so dreadfully it’s difficult to grasp,” Saadia said. “All those bubbling cultures – empires, democracies, large cities, small villages, wars, peace-treaties, laws, you name it and the pre-Columbian Americas have it – all those are boiling down to a stigma of  a few wandering, nature-loving tribes, if you ask most of the people around the world.

“I do have a mission,” she added. “My goal is to bring out a completely neglected period of time; and quite a large period it is.”

Saadia wants to bring these Americas to life by writing historical fiction.

“What is a better way than to trap people into reading stories full of action, war and love, and make them learn history without them noticing,” she said.

This path and decision to write such literature didn’t come without some obvious hitches.

“Oh, yes, many agents and publishers told me that my theme is strange and un-sellable, that I would do better writing the mainstream history novels,” Saadia said. “I would love to show them the feedback my self-published books are getting now.”

Her works in this genre are far from over.

“Currently I’m working on the next trilogy, The Raise of the Aztecs, which will deal with those notoriously known conquerors coming into the stage when their powerful neighbors could not ignore them anymore,” Saadia said. “This trilogy should be out by the end of the summer, I should hope.”

“The Young Jaguar” is one of Zoe Saadia’s historical fiction writings (courtesy art)

Saadia tries to find time hiking, traveling and an occasional long drive. She also enjoys love-themed parks and re-enactment events. Also, no surprise, she loves to read.

One day, she aims to have readers in large quantity.

“I want plenty of people reading my books, waiting for the next ones to come out,” Saadia said. “my idols are James Clavell and Colleen McCullough, so I would settle for their fame. I suppose. James Clavell made me discover ancient Japan, without me intending or even wishing to do so.

“Having historical settings, my books are not as horribly historical as they may sound talking of their background,” she added. “I try to keep the history at bay, to let it seep in carefully and in small doses. The stories themselves are full of action and adventure, because people were always people, with their basic desires and needs.”




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