La La La! That Fab 400 countdown continues…A little dancey with sting!


So far so good.

Ten musical artists down and 390 left.


We hope more people start taking a peek at what The PRESS is offering here…a chance to broaden musical horizons and get into some serious tunes discourse.

We have ZERO doubt that this list, which will take over three months to go through, will indeed make for some serious controversy.

It will include artists of all genres and will either not include some popular ‘talents’ or rank some much lower than people expect and others a wee bit higher.

How do we choose these artists and rank then?

Well the criteria did not include who we were told we should like or who did more marketing. There will be no Brittanies, Christinas, or Boy Bands. There will be no American Idols or fabricated glam bands who are barely serviceable in live performances.

We will rank according to first and foremost, talent. We judge lyrics, vocalization, and ability to play music. Then we consider influence, longevity, and cultural impact. MUSIC is MUSIC it is NOT not music.

We hope to get comments. The music styles and preferences run quite rangy here…some bands you may not have heard of and we hope you enjoy them as we do.

Now let’s keep this rolling with #390-386


Why do we include them? Strong industrial sound. Love their consistency. Almost a more metal version of Sisters of Mercy.

Why could we have skipped them? This formula gets so old and tried and true we feel they get lost in the shuffle a bit.

Memory? Hearing them for the first time and actually wondering if Rammstein went English.


Why do we include him?  Had some seriously good dance songs to pound your car stereo with.

Why could we have skipped him? Too short lived. Basically had two albums and each had about five good songs on them. Shame.

Memory? Playing “Crying” in the car at top volume, doing the egg beater, and having a hottie ask me for my number.

#388 4 STRINGS

Why do we include them?  Um, they have like 20 sick dance songs…just sick…would have posted one of those if they had actual videos.

Why could we have skipped them? Earlier works’ vocals could be a bit less…nasally? The songs tend to have similar intros.

Memory? When playing Until You Loved Me we still get that emotional response almost a decade later.


Why do we include him?  The trio of boogie ends today with these guys. Best song ever? Only with You remix. They were really a great, great, Euro band. Vocals? Killer!

Why could we have skipped him?  Too many breaks in the game. I would have loved to see the consistency over the years. Yet, new release after a decade, pretty strong.

Memory? Driving in Champaign and hearing the aforementioned remix for the first time after buying the tape. I still have the same reaction: One of the best dance songs ever made.


Why do we include them? Wow! German metal band singing in English sounding Waaaay German! How Cool! They had probably 10 IMMENSE songs! Classics.

Why could we have skipped him? Wow! When they made a bad song they showed talent in doing that! Sadly…they did it too often. Classic Hit or Miss band!

Memory? Fifth-Grade…No One Like You comes out…hear it…asked Katie Watson to be my girlfriend.

DAY 1 of Countdown

#396 Blind Guardian
#397 The Bravery
#398 The Verve
#399 Tantric
#400 Vast

DAY 2 of Countdown

#391 Kate Bush
#392 Seven Mary Three
#393 Godhead
#394 Paul Van Dyk
#395 Sonata Arcata

COUNTDOWN CONTINUES SUNDAY with songs #385-381!!!! Don’t miss it!


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