From the EYES Of…Kevin Hopson, a little bit of this, a ton of writing

Kevin Hopson and his family (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


RICHMOND, Va. – He may be a smorgasbord of working abilities, but in the long run Kevin Hopson just wants to write.

Working as an author for MuseItUp Publishing he also coaches high school tennis and scouts hockey prospects to keep his plate quite full.

“I have been writing ever since I was a kid, but I have been doing it professionally for the past 13 years,” Hopson said. “I was previously a freelance writer covering investments, energy, and sports. I have been working with MuseItUp Publishing, a Canadian publisher, for the past two years.”

Hopson released three stories/ebooks through the company and his newest story is slated for October.

“I wrote as a way to express myself,” Hopson said. “Putting words to paper has always been easier than speaking them. I was also told of my writing talents when I was young from family, teachers, etc., which motivated me as well.”

“Early Release for Bad Behavior” is one of the works of author Kevin Hopson (courtesy art)

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Hopson is married now for 11 years and have two sons.

“The most rewarding aspect of writing is having readers recognize me for my labors,” he said. “While it is difficult to please everyone and no book is ever perfect, pleasing the majority of my readers gives me great satisfaction. The biggest drawback of writing is trying to promote myself. There is a fine line in doing this, and being too aggressive can turn off potential readers.”

Hopson is a fan of Cody Lundin, Cormac Mccarthy, and Dave Canterbury, because “these guys – whether they’re writing fiction or non-fiction – know about self-reliance. In other words, they could keep me alive. I would take a knife, axe, and matches, as these three things would assist in building shelter, hunting, and cooking,” Hopson said.

Even with all those trades being admired by Hopson he also has plenty of interests including playing tennis, cooking, managing family portfolio investments, reading, and reviewing books.

He credits his mother as an early guiding force in his growth.

“She told me at a young age that I would write a Sci-fi novel when I got older,” he said. “While I have yet to write a full novel, Sci-fi is my main interest, so she got that part right. She has also read many of my works and, despite not being a huge fan of the genres I write in, she loves my writing style and still finds the stories to be entertaining.”

He hopes to entertain plenty of readers, but he keeps his successes close to his heart regardless of the level of vitriol attached to it.

“Whether I sell one copy of a book or thousands of them, if the majority of readers find my writing to be entertaining, I consider it a success,” he said. “One of the most basic challenges of writing is making a connection with the reader.”






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