La La La! Ready for more of the Fab 400? A little bit of this, that, to Gray


So far so good.

We have now gone through 25 of the Fab 400 musical artists of all time.

After tonight? 30 down, 370 to go….lordy!

We hope more people start taking a peek at what The PRESS is offering here…a chance to broaden musical horizons and get into some serious tunes discourse with the Fabulous 400.

We have ZERO doubt that this list, which will take over three months to go through, will indeed make for some serious controversy.

It will include artists of all genres and will either not include some popular ‘talents’ or rank some much lower than people expect and others a wee bit higher.

How do we choose these artists and rank then?

Well the criteria did not include who we were told we should like or who did more marketing. There will be no Brittanies, Christinas, or Boy Bands. There will be no American Idols or fabricated glam bands who are barely serviceable in live performances.

We will rank according to first and foremost, talent. We judge lyrics, vocalization, and ability to play music. Then we consider influence, longevity, and cultural impact. MUSIC is MUSIC it is NOT not music.

We hope to get comments. The music styles and preferences run quite rangy here…some bands you may not have heard of and we hope you enjoy them as we do.

Now let’s keep this boogie-sized countdown shaking a tail feather with Numbers 380-376:

#375 Powerman 500

Why do we include them? Strong, consistent, if not spectacular. Always good for a fun song to rock out to.

Why could we have skipped them? Nothing GREAT, nothing too daring, could have been passed up if a few other bands had talent with the glam.

Memory?  Watching the Zoolander credits and hearing “Relax” the Powerman style!

#374 Solid Base

Why do we include them? About eight to 10 songs that just blister the boogie down.

Why could we have skipped them? With these guys its not a matter of ranking them but maybe could have been a bit higher…they went into a tank for a bit.

Memory?  Not being able to stop playing Together from the first album. I probably hit rewind about 100 times on a road trip.

#373 Frou Frou

Why do we include them? A little bit of daring and quite a bit of talent.

Why could we have skipped them? Rely too much on daring and maybe tried too hard at times.

Memory?  Only that most outings you come to respect by them.

#372 Bif Naked

Why do we include them? Could play a damn good ballad and then rock the house with a serious jam.

Why could we have skipped them? A nice list of shitty songs didn’t help their darkhorse status.

Memory?  The Lucky Ones from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

#371 David Gray

Why do we include him? Great musical talent…and extremely gifted on the ivory keys for sure.

Why could we have skipped him? His voice could sometimes make chalk feel itchy.

Memory?  Hearing his This Year’s Love on the Girl Next Door. Ahhh, Elisha Cuthbert is so hot…oh wait, yes, David…he’s a fine lad.

DAY 1 of Countdown

#396 Blind Guardian
#397 The Bravery
#398 The Verve
#399 Tantric
#400 Vast

DAY 2 of Countdown

#391 Kate Bush
#392 Seven Mary Three
#393 Godhead
#394 Paul Van Dyk
#395 Sonata Arcata

Day 3 of Countdown

#386 Scorpions
#387 Captain Hollywood Project
#388 4 Strings
#389 Ian Van Dahl
#390 Gothminister

Day 4 of Countdown

#381 SITD
#382 Genitorturers
#383 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
#384 Crossbreed
#385 Wumpscut

Day 5 of Countdown

#376 Red Flag
#377 OOMPH!
#378 Dope
#379 Darude
#380 Cappella

TOMORROW artists 369-365…Stay Tuned!!!


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