Num Num Num! Back to those muy fantastico TV shows, now #s 46 and 45


We won’t be surprised if we cause an uproar based simply on the simply fact that there are many different opinions all across the planet.

Here the only opinion that matters is ours! =)

No, but we really would love to see some comments on this countdown.

We didn’t fall for fanfare or media propaganda. We focused on either great story telling, acting, script writing, or inventiveness.

To date we have run through the first four of our countdown.

What show could be next?

#46 The Shield

The Shield makes the countdown for some obvious reasons.

First, it really pushed FX into the realm of credible television stations. In essence, the shows gritty, vulgar, and sometimes ultra violent antics made the push into mainstream cable television and left HBO, Showtime, Starz, and others only ahead in terms of how much grandiose nudity and sex they could how. Otherwise, with The Shield, network television took the next leap.

As for the show? Detective Vic Mackey was so over-the-top sometimes it would make me laugh. He was violent, uncouth, and completely unlikable. Yet, the show illustrated with much color just how sometimes one had to protect the law in order to enforce it.

The series was ripe with unlikable characters and in the end it was good that it ended when it did. The acting, writing, and harsh film production were top rate even if the story was more Willy Wonka on crack then real police depiction.

The Shield Trailer

#45 Doctor Who

Never have been a huge fan, but what can you say when a show has lasted about 100 years and has had about a million different persons play the lead role without losing a beat?

Okay, so maybe it’s been just about 50 years and about 12 different doctors but the point is the show has maintained a loyal following and has consistently been one of the bigger shows coming out of England and playing over on the other side of the pond.

Got to love any show it had with those zany Daleks – think R2D2 meets Chucky – because that’s when things seemed to get really going.

DOCTOR WHO’S 50th Anniversary Trailer

Day 1 Recap

#49 All in the Family

#50  Dream On!

Day 2 Recap

#47 Dark Angel

#48 Californiacation


One response to “Num Num Num! Back to those muy fantastico TV shows, now #s 46 and 45

  1. Dr. Who actors last a couple of years, long enough for a weekly installment of the quest and all the ins and outs getting from point a to b while flying through the stars and eons coupled with characters from Torchwood thrown in, the past couple of years have made for a fun romp. One thought a new doctor would throw you off but with thirty minutes, the character is in place and set for the next couple of year…love the show.

    I did not get involved with the shield but if, and I believe it is, your reporting of the plot is accurate, it probably is closer to the truth than we want to admit.

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