From the EYES Of…Carole Lynn Gill, the perfect guy for a determined author

Author Carole Gill (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


YORKSHIRE, England – A New York native now living in the United Kingdom, Carole Lynn Gill was able to find the perfect set up to become a full-time author.

“I am married to a great guy who gave me my shot at writing full-time,” Gill, the New York University graduate said. “I’m lucky I’m married to an angel. It was not easy for us, but he was determined I should be able to have my chance at publication. We make ends meet somehow.”

Gill uses walks across the British moors and has a hobby of “castle trekking” to appease the bit of historian in her.

Part of that history is the tough segment of her life that pushed her closer to becoming a dedicated, hardcore writer.

“I started writing at a young age, but life got in the way,” Gill said. “I turned back to it after one bad marriage and my mother’s death; then became really involved in it as the desire to be published became more intense.”

Even though Gill matriculated from one of the best colleges in the United States, she doesn’t believe a formal education can totally determine the talent level or predicted success for a writer.

Check out “The House on Blackstone Moor” by Carole Gill (courtesy art)

“I do not think any degree or special schooling is required other than a basic knowledge of spelling and grammar,” she said. “Just as I don’t think you can learn to be creative.”

Gill enjoys the rewards of getting a story published and seeing the ideas coming to life via the reward of being put out for all to see. Sadly, there also comes the price of “isolation, the doubts, the hard, relentless work, and the promotion, which I hate.”

Those negatives haven’t swayed Gill from her goals.

“I want to have two books published yearly, to finish the series of books I’m working on now and to have my work appreciated,” she said. “That means sales but it also means people really reading and enjoying what I produce.”

Gill is a fan of Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Graeme Masterton.

She has had time to enjoy those authors’ works since she has been writing since the age of eight, creating her first story – a science fiction tale.

It would be years later she would send anything out hoping for publication.

Now Gill has been published in approximately two dozen horror and science fiction anthologies.

Something must be working and Gill believes she knows why people would enjoy reading her works.

“If you want something more than fluffy horror, something with memorable characters and an unforgettable storyline, then I’m your girl,” Gill said. “If you are tired of gore and splatter being used as plot devices, look no further than my work. And if you enjoy reading literary-style horror you will like my fiction.”




“The House on Blackstone Moor” at AMAZON


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