From the EYES Of…Kristina Jackson, writing past the pain, beating the limits

Kristina Jackson (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


WALES – Every day, British author and publisher Kristina Jackson not only endeavors to be a positive force in the writing industry, but she also plays a game of chess with herself.

Every day she battles Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) a condition in which a change from the supine position to an upright position causes an abnormally large increase in heart rate, called tachycardia, and EDS or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a group of inherited connective tissue disorders, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen

“I’ve always had the compulsion to write and not writing would be like not breathing,” Jackson said. “Chronic illness took so much away from me. I was frustrated and lacked direction. After Sarah Barnard challenged me to Nanowrimo and I won I knew where I belonged, writing and publishing my work. Fate tap-danced her way through my life. The end result was me setting up a publishing company of my own. So I could help others achieve their dreams.”

A wife, mother of two kids and owners of two cats and a dog, Jackson also owns Little Acorns Publishing Ltd.

Not bad for someone who graduated college as a horticulturalist.

“My biggest challenge is balancing my writing and work in publishing with my health,” Jackson said. “There are days where the heart rate is so reactive; making a cup of coffee can result in me collapsing on the floor.  Or days where the spasm in my arm tendons is so sever I cannot type.  Or so fatigued the brain feels like a pink cloud. But whatever the problem, I find a way to do something else instead.”

Maybe that explains what motivates her or gives her that extra kick to work.

“I need silence when I am physically writing the story,” Jackson said. “I like nothing more than the occasional sound of car as it passes by the house, or the tweet of the birds in the trees.”

Jackson hopes her publishing company can generate a best-selling author and to keep her own writing in the game while producing more materials.

“The rewarding aspects of my writing are when people tell me they loved the story,” Jackson said. “The best example is when someone burnt their dinner because they could not put my novel down. In the publishing company, I like hearing when my authors tell me they love working with me.”

Jackson has received plenty of encouragement, much of it coming from other independent authors.

“The Fool’s Journey” is one of the work of Wales-based author, Kristina Jackson (courtesy art)

“My muses are the plot bunnies that live in my head,” she admitted. “There are always people who will neigh say you. People will do better to say nothing bad and offer encouragement instead. I will not say anything to those, let actions speak louder than words.”

A self-described eccentric pagan who loves life, Jackson, despite being debilitated by chronic illness in her life, believe stories should “sing not merely speak. I weave words and create fiction. I don’t merely write stories.”

Another tale she hopes to not merely pen could have something to do with her nearby surroundings.

“Locally there is a castle called Cardigan Castle,” she said. “I would love to write a book based around the historic events this castle has seen. I rather think that it would not stop at that one castle either. I love things historical.”

For some it could be Jackson’s winning battles against illness that is making history.







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