From the EYES Of…Rebecca T.A. Besser, evolution eternal for developing talent

Rebecca T.A. Besser (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


OHIO – A freelance writer with a self-described “overactive imagination,” Rebecca T.A. Besser has evolved to a place where she proudly calls herself an author.

For a long time she worked at it full-time before life called and told her she needed to be a shift manager at a local eatery.

She still manages to get plenty of writing done.

“I’m freelance right now, but have worked with Wicked East Press and Hidden Thoughts Press,” she said.

Married for 11 years to Jim, Rebecca also has a son named Cordell and tries to dive into hobbies such as photography, cross stitching, reading, watching movies, cooking, and “anything that grabs my attention.

“I recently went back to work part time after staying home for over five years, being a full-time wife, mother, editor, and writer,” Besser said. “Right now I’m just struggling to gain balance since it’s all new. I’m sure I’ll find it soon because I’m stubborn.”

Like many authors, Besser was writing at an early age, focusing on poetry during her teenage years.

“As I grew older, I just seemed to grow away from writing, but after a couple of tragic events in my life, I turned to writing for therapy,” she admitted. “I write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for various age groups and genres and have been published in them all). I seem to have the most recognition and success in adult horror, though.”

Besser is part of a new project that just recently grew wings.

Time to get a little frightened with a book by Rebecca Besser (courtesy art)

“I’m the co-author of a new horror series called Series of Fear,” Besser said. “Jim Bronyaur is my friend and co-author. We take a fear, blend it with a horror element, and then write a fiction story about it. Our first book, Crystallophoia combines the fear of glass and zombies.”

Besser believes the process of writing definitely takes natural gifts but there has to be a little bit of give and take between the inner urges to paint with words and playing within a sound structure of fundamentals.

“It takes natural ability and knowledge to write,” Besser said. “I don’t think someone needs a degree to write, but they do need to be open to making mistakes and learning. Every craft has trial and error. Everyone has something to learn – no one knows everything.”

One thing that is obvious is Besser’s overt practice in goal setting.

“I usually set little goals and meet them and they’re usually steps to a bigger goal,” she said. “Each time I achieve something, I set a new goal that’s slightly harder or further along. I have new goals all the time.”

Three of Besser’s favorite authors are Charles Day, Kim Curley and Bronvaur.

“They’re all my friends – people I love and have a great time just talking to and being with,” she said.

Besser has also had a strong core of supporters.

“I’ve had so many wonderful people in my life encouraging me along the way,” Besser said. “I’d have to say if I could only pick one positive influence, it would be my husband, Jim. He’s always been there for me and encourages me in everything I do because he loves me and believes in me.”

Writing since 2008 Besser believes a lot of her earlier writing coach have been better if only for a few different things.

“You learn as you grow and when you look back on your earlier works it’s easy to see what you did wrong,” Besser said.



NURSE BLOOD serial novel



Twitter @BeccaBesser


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