Num Num Num! Getting a little ‘Treme’ in a 24-hour day


We won’t be surprised if we cause an uproar based simply on the simply fact that there are many different opinions all across the planet.

Here the only opinion that matters is ours! =)

No, but we really would love to see some comments on this countdown.

We didn’t fall for fanfare or media propaganda. We focused on either great story telling, acting, script writing, or inventiveness.

To date we have run through the first four of our countdown.

What show could be next?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the show has only been in existence for two seasons, but so what?

David Simon is a legendary writer and story developer. The tale of the music scene and the urban renewal in New Orleans post-Katrina is brilliant. The acting? Superb.

Once again Simon who created and mastered two other incredible shows (stay tuned) creates an accurate depiction of the world he hopes to create and does so with flying colors.

TREME Trailer

#43 “24”

First two seasons of this show were epic. Keifer Sutherland hadn’t started overacting and looking at Elisha Cuthbert was even better.

The idea and concept was brilliant: a 24-hour, real time, adventure.

Then we started noticing…Jack never went potty, his cellphone never had to be recharged, he was always breathing hard even if he was sitting till and he never stopped talking in that loud whisper.

FOX also lacked balls when always saying “Your Country” when speaking at terrorists rather than just saying “Damn you Saudi Arabia!”

Their PCness got in the way of a good story at times.

Still, overall, fun stuff.

“24” fun teaser

Day 1 Recap

#49 All in the Family

#50  Dream On!

Day 2 Recap

#47 Dark Angel

#48 Californiacation

Day 3 Recap

#45 Doctor Who

#46  The Shield

After a day off we conclude the first 10 shows on the list of the Top 50 Television Series of all time on Friday! Stay Tuned!


One response to “Num Num Num! Getting a little ‘Treme’ in a 24-hour day

  1. I will need to check out Threme – never knew of its existence. 24, on the other hand, I tried to watch real time and if, and I would, missing an episode put you into “What the H is going on” because back story was never brought up not even in conversation. Everyone was bad for a price and no one ever believed the good guy was. But I loved the show and watch on dvd – and that hour was compressed into 22 minutes -yay – more to watch.

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