From the EYES Of…James Stockholm, the child rises to write anew

By AK Dale


NORTHERN ENGLAND – ‘Trying’ to be a full-time author could be a lot worse job than plenty of others out there.

For James, known as JD, Stockholm, who lives with his “not so” little two daughters, is writing books after graduating college in the food industry.

A trained baker, Stockholm, now is attending school to study social science and human physiology.

But despite being mad busy, the English writer always finds time to ply his craft.

“I think you need to have the passion for it,” Stockholm said. “I think you need to be willing to learn and develop. I see many writers that sit there and won’t take criticism, they do the, there’s nothing wrong with my writing thing, but no one is ever perfect. There is always room to improve.”

Some of his work derives from dealing with issues long past yet remain fresh fruit in the gardens of his mind.

“My latest project Dear Teddy was motivated by healing from my childhood,” he admitted. “I never really intended to do anything with it. More I was giving a child a voice when he never had one and then it grew into something more.”

Dear Teddy deals with a very personal and dark subject for many.

“With writing Dear Teddy I think there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness,” he said. “I hope in some part, when people read of the little boy that’s writing his journal in it, they can see how easily these things develop and maybe as an adult he would be looked at as being a little insane perhaps, they can see that maybe he just got broken. I would love to find some way to have that in my work without it being one of these issues people don’t have time for.”

His outlet for speaking the words of a long gone child seemed to rise from what appeared to be a natural gift.

“At school I was always the weird one that loved it when the teacher said we had an essay,” Stockholm said. “Most of my writing was done in secret and still is to a degree because I get a little self-conscious with those in my life reading my words. But at school, I loved when my writing was read out and the class were entertained. That’s what drives it. To think that maybe someone somewhere is being entertained by what I have written…”

And when they are?

“I find the most rewarding part is when someone sends me a message or an email and maybe my book helped them in a way,” Stockholm said. “They didn’t feel so alone in their own things.”

Yet the writing world always offers its petty downsides as well.

“The most unattractive things I have come across are jealous writers,” he added. “The ones that feel the need to swear and take things out on you. The ones that don’t even know me.”

Maybe if they took the time, those detractors would learn of a boy who grew into a man just wanting to write from the heart…and stomach…despite fighting those close enough to him that stood farther away from his side.

“I’ve written since I was a child – everything from magic pancakes to werewolves and so much more in between,” he said. “My parents were the first to make me feel ashamed to write so I hid it, but I never stopped. My love for my imagination was what drove me to keep writing and still does. I love the world I can invent and then bring to life. I don’t think I would say anything to them about it. Mostly they didn’t believe in me, they don’t get to share it now.”

So when Stockholm is raising his kids or listening to bands like Korn and Nickelback, he still finds time to work on his writing.

“There’s time for other hobbies?” he asked in jest. “I like to run to clear my mind. I game, Xbox and Warcraft and then I am an avid reader. Oh and I do a little writing.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION on JAMES STOCKHOLM and his WORKS, (no art was provided for this piece)

“Dear Teddy” at Amazon

“Dark Ramblings of the Phoenix” at Amazon




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3 responses to “From the EYES Of…James Stockholm, the child rises to write anew

  1. This is a fabulous interview. Great job in revealing an awesome writer and wonderful person 🙂

  2. A superb interview- strikes the right balance between funny and intimate. I was one of those weirdos that liked getting essays to write too! For my part my outlet was Role Playing Games (hey, it was the Eighties!).
    Look forward to reading more by both of you.

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