From the EYES Of…Kenneth W. Cain, fear this scary things, he writes about you

Take a look at the works of Kenneth W. Cain (courtesy art)

By AK Dale


CHESTER COUNTY, Penn – He is scared by his own enemies that lurk in the shadows.

The only difference is, Kenneth W. Cain tends to deal with them by writing about these fears, in essence fighting with keyboard and/or quill.

“I write about my own fears, which often show themselves through bad nightmares,” Cain said. “This is me translating what I have seen. Things aren’t always going to be what you think. Often real life isn’t. I have an abundance of it to share.”

The Pennsylvania resident and full-time writer has been supported throughout the years by first, his parents who supported any dream he held. Now he has added the love and encouragement of his wife, Heather, and two children, MacKenzie and Gage.

It is these lights in his life that penetrate his nightmares and gives him the spark to write.

“I was really hesitant to pursue this full-time,” Cain said. “My wife was my driving force and without her being there to push me onward every time I stumble back I just couldn’t have made it to even this small distance.”

That distance traveled included being picked up by a new, but growing, publishing company that is now earning a lot of kudos for their works.

“A lot of my work has been featured through Post Mortem Press,” Cain said. “(Publisher) Eric Beebe is a solid guy, who has a lot of faith in his authors. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Despite earning a Master’s in Fine Arts from West Chester University, Cain believes an education only offers so much in terms of guaranteeing writing success.

“You know if this was brain surgery I would say yes you need an education to be a novelist, but while an education will always help you along the way I tend to believe there are many areas of work you don’t necessarily need a degree for,” he said. “As with anything, though, you tend to get back what you put into it, so this question is really an individual question for everyone out there. For me, I wanted to learn more about my crafts.”

Some of the anthology work Kenneth W. Cain has been involved with (courtesy art)

Cain has written on a large number of subjects.

“I’ve visited deep space, confronted horrid aliens, fought off apocalyptic beasts, played the good guy and the bad guy,” Cain said. “I’ve lived many lives. I mean really, is there any better job?”

It may have been a job written in the stars that Cain has journeyed across if only in his ever-creative mind.

“I guess I’ve always been writing ever since I heard the tale of Baba Yaga as a child,” Cain said. “It wasn’t until these last two years or so that I began to take it seriously, as more than a hobby. I’m all in at this point. Everything’s out on the table and I’m letting it ride.”

That ride is hoped to one day end at a rainbow full of rewards, some of which may already be in his possession.

“I wish I had money for everything I wanted. Who doesn’t, right?” he said. “The thing is there is so much good stuff to read out there and yet with the money I do make, I end up with very little to go out and buy every book or magazine I want to. I do pick up quite a bit of it, though, and although I am a slow reader I intend to read every bit of it and leave a review. That’s just how I roll. But, yes, it isn’t always an easy life, but it is one of the most exciting jobs.”

Despite Cain’s works being more of the eclectic, out-of-this-world order, the St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan may have some future works to surprise his followers with.

“I have a baseball novel planned that deals with steroids and whose fault it really is,” Cain, who also follows football and hockey, said. “This is kind of a darker piece and hopefully someday I find the right momentum.”




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