La La La! Hope these acts can ‘Seal’ the deal to ‘Mesh’


Hello music lovers.

Well after today, we will be 40 artists into the countdown of the Fab 400 musical acts of all time (at least in the modern era we deem anything coming after 1960). So…a tenth down…90 percent of the list left.

As those who have checked out the countdown (and can still catch up by viewing the previous days’ entries, see below), it has been a mix of pop, rock, industrial, gothic, punk, techno, and more. Yet, there is still plenty other genres left to include.

Keep an eye out today…there may be some new acts for some of our readers to get introduced to or just simply have time to wax nostalgic.

Here we go:

#365 SEAL
Why we include him? A nice catalog of songs and he presumably has a pretty darn good voice.

Why we could have left them out? Um, heard him sing live and were shocked how shitty he was. Cold? Flu? Sucks? Can’t tell.

Memory? Watching Nicole Kidman when she was hot in the third Batman movie and hearing this song…

Why we include them? They were very aggressive post-Punk bad with great lyrics and memorable tunes.

Why we could have left them out? Another one of those singers who talk loud and can’t presumably hold a note.

Memory? Hearing the remakes of “Ever Fallen in Love” and realizing they lack the zeal of the original.

Why we include them? Great vocals, super smooth beats, a nice industrial trip-hop sound.

Why we could have left them out? Probably wouldn’t have, but their shelf life lacked.

Memory? Driving to a party and listening to their second album the whole way and deciding to just sit, smoke, and vege.

Why we include them? This is a strong band with a purpose and vigilance. Great power chords and attack mentality.

Why we could have left them out? Sometimes screaming can dull the senses and their purpose seems one-dimensional.

Memory? A strong one lacks, but just enjoying what I hear 85 percent of the time.

#361 MESH
Why we include them? A strong synthy industrial band. Love the singing and they work hard to not be plain.

Why we could have left them out? No reason. They only lack in something over the top distinguishable.

Memory? Just jamming out to the remix of “Friends Like These” enough times to bruise my arse.

DAY 1 of Countdown

#396 Blind Guardian
#397 The Bravery
#398 The Verve
#399 Tantric
#400 Vast

DAY 2 of Countdown

#391 Kate Bush
#392 Seven Mary Three
#393 Godhead
#394 Paul Van Dyk
#395 Sonata Arcata

Day 3 of Countdown

#386 Scorpions
#387 Captain Hollywood Project
#388 4 Strings
#389 Ian Van Dahl
#390 Gothminister

Day 4 of Countdown

#381 SITD
#382 Genitorturers
#383 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
#384 Crossbreed
#385 Wumpscut

Day 5 of Countdown

#376 Red Flag
#377 OOMPH!
#378 Dope
#379 Darude
#380 Cappella

Day 6 of Countdown

#371 David Gray
#372 Bif Naked
#373 Frou Frou
#374 Solid Base
#375 Powerman 500

Day 7 of Countdown

#366 Tiesto
#367 The Killers
#368 Lycia
#369 Crass
#370 Shinedown


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