From the EYES Of…Faith Helen Mortimer, off the clock, on the keyboard

“The Seeds of Time” by Faith Mortimer is one of four books in a series written by the former Manchester resident and current Cypriot (courtesy art)

By AK Dale


CYPRUS – Officially off the ‘9 to 5’ working grid, Faith Helen Mortimer may be retired from the work force, but there is no reason to believe she isn’t still busy.

The former Manchester, U.K. native, Mortimer, now living in Cyprus is an author of mystery, suspense, and action-adventure – with a tinge of romance thrown in – taking over two-thirds of her free time to work on her books.

“The rest of my time is dedicated towards family and having fun,” she said.

A qualified state registered nurse with a degree in science, Mortimer took up serious writing efforts in 2005.

“My husband and children told me to go for it,” Mortimer said. “Without them I might have stopped, but only might.”

After running her own business for approximately a decade and seeing her children grow up, Mortimer knew it was time to go for it.

“When my children went to university I found I had more time on my hands,” Mortimer said. “I’d always played around with words and decided I’d first sit for a university degree because I was interested in science and the world. The studying and discipline for this degree gave me the strength and dedication which enabled me to go on and write my first full length novel, The Crossing. I’ve not looked back since.”

Her works center on the Diana River mystery-suspense novels. So far three are in print, with a fourth on its way.

“My most rewarding aspect is the satisfaction of seeing my work in print and then receiving a review, or email from a person of whom I do not know and them telling me how much they enjoyed reading my book,” Mortimer said. “I’ll never be complacent and knowing my work is liked and admired gives me a tremendous thrill.”

Mortimer enjoys having such a great dedicated band of followers who keep asking her when the next book is due out.

“It’s also fun when I’m recognized and I’ve even now been described as famous,” she added.

She also is quite famous with the people who raised her even if it may have happened unexpectantly.

“My parents were not very supportive, but I don’t think they really understood how much I wanted to write,” Mortimer said. “Now, I gift copies of my books to them and they say they’ve enjoyed reading my novels.”

One of those novels is the forthcoming The Seeds of Time and Harvest.

“I’m particularly excited about the book, as I loved writing the original and with these two new books I feel I have now finished the story properly,” Mortimer said. “The original book was well received but I just felt more needed to be added, so I’ve now achieved this.”


Her Website


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  1. Thank you for interviewing me, Alan – very much appreciated. I’ve also shared this amongst my twitter followers (over 96000,) and on my facebook page and google as I think some might be very interested. Cheers!

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