Num Num Num! Best 50 TV Shows….a little bit of zombies, fantasy football


After today we will be 1/5 of the way through the countdown of the best 50 Television shows of all time.

So far it’s been a mix of drama, adventure, and comedy.

What could we come up with next?

#42 The Walking Dead

What a daring proposal.

Zombies. Gore. Death. All on network television, and on AMC no less.

The show – an adaptation of the graphic novel – came on strong and well done. Of course having Frank Darabont in the fold didn’t hurt one bit.

Then the show started to wane in Season 2. Plenty of plot inconsistencies and just too much damn sitting around and talking began to slow its momentum.

Oh and Carl? Much cooler in the graphic novels. On TV? Shoot the bastard.

Yet, the series saved itself with three strong episodes to wrap up their 2012 catalog and we were plenty pleased.

Now it’s make or break. Are they gonna keep talking or they gonna keep slicing, dicing, ripping, and chewing?

We’ll take a good story with the latter…

#41 The League

Whoever thought a show about Fantasy Football could do anything?

Oh it did. It made us laugh and laugh and laugh and get grossed out.

The characters are top notch funny, some of the women not only kick ass, but they are as hot as the sun, and the innuendo and continual subliminal messages of how stupid Fantasy anything is doesn’t hurt.

Also just three seasons in, this show is a must see for guys who LOVE guy humor and others who just want to get a good chuckle at the idea some of your friends actually do this stuff.

Day 1 Recap

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#43 “24”

#44 Treme

After a weekend off we kickoff the next 10 highest shows on the list of the Top 50 Television Series of all time! Stay Tuned on Monday for more!


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