La La La! More of the same of the Fab 400…let’s get Violent in the Snow!


Another day from now and we will be 50 artists into our FAB 400 countdown of the greatest musical acts of all time (okay, modern time).

Remember we didn’t base this on pop culture brain washing of who we are SUPPOSED to like. We based this list on talent, musical daring, influence, longevity, lyrics, production, and other aspects of actual ability.

Shall we continue starting with 360?

#360 Snow Patrol
Why we include them? Good vocals, good musical arrangements, and a nice list of songs to chill to.

Why we could have left them out? Tend to be overly sappy and seem to have coasted since hitting it big.

Memory? Having someone special play a song by them and say it let them think of me every time it was on the radio.

#359 The Violent Femmes
Why we include them? Wow, some of the best party songs of all time and a real band with a purpose.

Why we could have left them out? NO WAY would have. Could have been even higher if I had been a little more impressed with their later works.

Memory? Hearing Add it Up in sixth grade and giggling at the “fun” parts.

#358 A Skylit Drive
Why we include them? In an era long removed from true punk music these guys give EMO a little respectability. Strong, strong sound.

Why we could have left them out? Vocalization finally improved from that adrogynous sound that I find so annoying.

Memory? Hearing their opening songs of their debut album and saying “Me likey!”

#357 De/Vision
Why we include them? A solid dark wave band that adds a bit of synth-pop feel.

Why we could have left them out? Another one of these bands that do little to separate from the pack of others like them.

Memory? Dinner Without Grace remix…nuff said.

#356 Primal Scream
Why we include them? Longevity, consistency, and a nice sound that has endured.

Why we could have left them out? A little bit too “you have to be high to hear this shit” at times.

Memory? Everytime I was wasted in college one of their fluffy songs popped up and made things not so wretched.

DAY 1 of Countdown

#396 Blind Guardian
#397 The Bravery
#398 The Verve
#399 Tantric
#400 Vast

DAY 2 of Countdown

#391 Kate Bush
#392 Seven Mary Three
#393 Godhead
#394 Paul Van Dyk
#395 Sonata Arcata

Day 3 of Countdown

#386 Scorpions
#387 Captain Hollywood Project
#388 4 Strings
#389 Ian Van Dahl
#390 Gothminister

Day 4 of Countdown

#381 SITD
#382 Genitorturers
#383 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
#384 Crossbreed
#385 Wumpscut

Day 5 of Countdown

#376 Red Flag
#377 OOMPH!
#378 Dope
#379 Darude
#380 Cappella

Day 6 of Countdown

#371 David Gray
#372 Bif Naked
#373 Frou Frou
#374 Solid Base
#375 Powerman 500

Day 7 of Countdown

#366 Tiesto
#367 The Killers
#368 Lycia
#369 Crass
#370 Shinedown

Day 8 of Countdown

#366 Seal
#367 The Buzzcocks
#368 Hungry Lucy
#369 Fear Factory
#370 Mesh


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