From the EYES Of…Adam Millard, shakes you to the core, wants more

Adam Millard (courtesy photo)



WOLVERHAMPTON, U.K. –  He is a force of undead-delivering nature.

Once Adam Millard decided it was time for the horror world to absorb his tales of terror and zombies, he came on strong and never kept flexing his muscles.

Now the English author writes full time hoping to keep a steady flow of dread penetrating readers’ senses.

“I started writing at thirteen and never looked back,” Millard said. “I was really into Richard Laymon and Shaun Hutson as a kid, and I think it was those guys – and of course Stephen King – that made me want to be a writer. Now I write full-time, and I love it.”

Supported by a wife Zoe and guided by their dual love for son, Phoenix, Millard keeps pushing forward and reaps the rewards from his efforts in any way that becomes available.

“I love holding a finished book in my hands,” Millard, who also runs his own Crowded Quarantine Publications, said. “Also, there is nothing more rewarding than a great review.  I don’t like sending out rejections to authors who have submitted their work; it’s just inevitable.”

If he is not listening to heavy music like Five Finger Death Punch or Fear Factory to get his mojo going, he loves his music and his horror-movie memorabilia.

He also has enjoyed the works of some writers that have kept him going…or would keep him living.

“I would have to say (he would take these three authors on a deserted island), David Moody, Jasper Bark, and Stephanie Meyer,” Millard said. “David Moody knows a thing or two about surviving; Jasper is hilarious, and would keep me entertained, and Stephanie Meyer just so we had something to eat.”

The author of Dead Cells, a hot commodity in the undead world, Millard has survived in the profession through the guiding hand of Zoe and a will to prove his detractors a bit misplaced in their assessments.

“Definitely my wife has been a constant source of encouragement, and actually pressured me into sending some of my most successful novels off,” Millard shared. “To the rest of my family… I’d like to say ‘hey, what do you do?”

While it appears Millard is living his dream and some of his detractors aren’t as fortunate, Millard now holds higher goals for himself, not resting on just the here and now.

Get Dead….well “Dead West”, “Dead Cells”, or “Dead Frost”, by author Adam Millard (courtesy art)

“To win a Stoker would be awesome,” he said. “My books are available in stores, which was one of my first goals, so I had to focus on another target.  Either winning a Stoker, or outselling Stephanie Meyer.”

Full-time writer for three years, has a nice list of writings available to the public including Dead Frost which concluded a trilogy including Dead Cells and Dead West.

He now hopes to get out the first book of his Alex Winterbone series out in print later this summer, Death-Dealers.

To date his is most proud of his work in Dead Cells, but still harbors a need to fix his first work, Only in Whispers.

“I’m thinking about going back and rewriting it, because the story was there, but I didn’t quite have the skill-set to write it yet,” Millard shared.

So after a strong run out of the gate, Millard will continue to horrify readers with tales of the unreal, while maybe one day opening up the portals to his world, his real life, for all of his fans to learn more about him.

“I’d love to write a book about my own life-changing experiences with alcohol and depression, though I doubt whether people would be interested,” he said. “Maybe I’ll write it for myself.”





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