From the EYES Of…Eric S. Brown, if a bit crazy works, get going

Eric S. Brown (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


ASHEVILLE, N.C. – He is admittedly a little ‘bit crazy’ and a ‘comic geek.’

Yet, make no mistake, author Eric S. Brown has parlayed all of his idiosnycracies into a young writing career appearing ready to explode.

“I am what I would call a ‘military horror author,’ but I am also a bit crazy,” Brown said. “A lot of my work is very fringe and off the wall. For example, my book Last Stand in a Dead Land is about a book of zombie apocalypse survivors who end up face to face with Bigfoot in the woods with a third unexpected monster appearing as well at the end of the book.”

This writing came by way of an imprint in his DNA that made him want to write.

“It was a natural thing for me,” Brown said. “Being the lifelong genre fan that I am, I wanted to give something back and writing was my way of doing it.”

He has followed plenty of different genres of storytelling.

“I am a massive comic geek and have been since I was four-years-old,” Brown said. “I spend way too much money keeping up with the DC Universe. The Flash is my favorite character of all time though I would have to admit that Weird War Tales has greatly impacted the type of writing I do.”

He is an author, but Brown, who has works affiliated with Simon and Schuster, Studio 3 Entertainment, Coscom Entertainment, Permuted Press, E-volve books, and others.

“A challenge is trying to juggle actually getting my work done around two kids and loads of house work plus life in general,” Brown, father to a boy and a girl and married for 12 years to the ‘greatest wife,’ admitted. “It ain’t easy sometimes.”

Think Bigfoot? Think Eric S. Brown (courtesy art)

To keep him plugging along, Brown uses music to motivate and push him, choosing to tap his foot to a Johnny Cash ditty or a Weird Al witty.

Liking Rush can only put him in the ‘Cool Guy’ Hall of Fame.

He also is a fan of the writings of David Drake, David Weber, and Eric Flint, and being a follower of others’ works makes him appreciate those who do the same toward his efforts.

“I wrote zombies for around eight years or so and it was okay,” Brown said. “But when my book Bigfoot War was released, it was like the world went crazy for it. I was flooded with fan mail telling me how awesome it was. It has become the highest rated by customer reviews on both Amazon and Amazon UK. Fans have created Facebook pages for it including the Bigfoot War Must Become a Movie page and there’s even a fan written comic book in the works based on it.”

That is some reward for a man who has paid his dues as a writer for 11 years now.

“I have written over 30 books, been a journalist and editor, and my short stories have been published hundreds of times in hundreds of anthologies and magazines,” Brown said. “Bigfoot War without question, was my best and most original work to date. I mean who else was writing about the Bigfoot apocalypse before that book? It was so hugely successful and such a critical hit as well that it has spawned four sequels, two already in print and with books IV and V being released later this year from Coscom Entertainment.”

So how does he follow up such a successful enterprise?

“My current project is a real, non-horror military science fiction novel that will be taking a deep look into what war is like for soldiers in the far flung future,” he said.

Not bad for a writer still so early in the game and with plenty of chapters of his life left to write.

“I think I have done okay,” Brown said. “I have a long way to go but at 37 Lord willing I have time to get there still.”


“BIGFOOT WAR” at Amazon


“BIGFOOT WAR Must Become a Movie” on Facebook

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