From the EYES Of…Jonathan Templar, a father first, talented writer afterwards

Jonathan Templar (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


CHESHIRE, U.K. – If Michael Keaton’s Mr. Mom character were an author his name would have been Jonathan Templar.

Instead, current readers and followers of horror fiction are blessed with the real Templar as he exists in their eyes and mind with spectacular works available for keeps.

“I write mainly for personal gratification, and to ensure that I look good on a Google search,” Templar said. “I know that sounds vacuous, but I imagine that for a long period in my life people frowned at me for some of the choices I made, so it warms me to think they might look me up and feel a bit daft for their judgments.”

Not many would be wise to frown upon a man who chooses to dedicate his daily routine to the raising and parenting of his one daughter.

Thus writing comes from his hands only when he can find the time to be with himself and his thoughts.

“I’m a full time parent, so the balance for me is trying to write as much as possible while not missing any of the constant wonder of my daughter’s development,” he said. “I love the sense of creation, the idea that I can go to bed some nights having created something, an idea, a story or a character, that didn’t exist when I woke.”

You can find some of Jonathan Templar’s works in “Horror for Good” (courtesy art)

Having written over the past couple of years, “with commitment,” Templar worked on a young adult novel for a time and was rejected his submission to agents and publishers alike.

“I got only one piece of advice in all the rejections, and only one,” Templar said. “That was a brief note at the bottom of a standard rejection that said work was more likely to be considered if accompanied with a CV of other work. So I set myself to writing short stories, something I’d not really thought myself particularly adept at before.”

So in the past year Templar has had almost 20 stories accepted in various anthologies.

“Stories that I’m particularly proud of include The Meat Man, included in Cutting Block Press’s ‘Horror for Good’ collection, and I’ve contributed to World’s Collder, a pants wettingly exciting shared world anthology edited by Richard Salter and due shortly from Nightscape Press,” Templar said. “I’m very proud of my contribution to World’s Collider, a story called ‘Basher’, which looks at the type of person I reckon would be most able to thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.”

Writing to soundtrack music with the tune varying depending on the project, Templar also likes to cook, read, and “dissect small animals.”

We hope he’s kidding about the cooking part.

“I think writing needs a certain talent, if it’s a talent that can be learnt or not I really couldn’t say, but it can certainly be nurtured with practice,” he said. “I don’t write with the expectation that it’ll make me a millionaire – not that I don’t hope that it will – so success would be affirmation, knowing that I write well and that other people enjoy what I’ve written…and to become a millionaire. I lied about that bit.”

One thing Templar won’t pull punches on is his own meticulous nature when it comes to critiquing his works.

“Every single thing I’ve written I read after publication and wince, thinking it could be so much better,” he admitted. “But you just have to step back and walk away at some point or end up tinkering with something until you kill it.”





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