DNA Update: Here’s a ‘real’ interview with Mr. Dale


The release of “DEAD NATIONS’ ARMY BOOK ONE: Code Flesh” is set for release in six days and its companion Young Adult series is under way.

Now, author Alan Dale, sits down for a Q and A offered up by Renee Pierce Williams as he discusses a little bit about everything.

He hopes you take this seriously. His plans are to make the DNA world a franchise that crosses genres and then some.

Enjoy…we hope for comments and critique!


The “DNA: CODE FLESH (PART I)” teaser novella has done quite well in recent review rankings.

Out of 863 books listed under “Zombie Apocalypse” in Amazon Kindle, Dale’s piece, about 1/3 of the full Code Flesh novel, is ranked #28 in review rankings, with a 4.5.

Also, out of over 3,868 books listed under “Zombies” it is ranked #63.

Those totals were as of 12 p.m. PST.

If you still want a taste of Dale’s “DNA” feel free to check out the teaser prior to the full CODE FLESH release on Wednesday.



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