La La La! The first slice of pie is done, last 50 complete of Fab 400


It’s the 10th of 100 countdown days of the FAB 400 greatest musical artists of all time (modern era) countdown and we are officially 1/8 done.

How exciting.

We hope you have enjoyed the bands/artists highlighted and now just wish for more and more opinions and discussion as we move higher up the ranks.

Enjoy as we wrap up the first 50!

#355 Sister Machine Gun
Why we include them? Some of the better industrial songs of purpose around and Sins of the Flesh is as good as it gets.

Why we could have left them out? Well they lack punch in the “big hits” department, but consistency wins the day.

Memory? Taking Sins of the Flesh and lips syncing it in my room about 10,000 times.

#354 Fischerspooner
Why we include them? Quirky, daring, inventive, with a good, clean sound.

Why we could have left them out? Always got the impression that they were trying too hard to be different.

Memory? Watching a live performance on DVD and coming away mighty impressed.

#353 Mudvayne
Why we include them? A great screamer/singer in one body, some memorable tunes, and a very underrated drummer.

Why we could have left them out? I believe that after DIG it’s been slowly downhill ever since.

Memory? Seeing them at OZZFEST and flipping out over how intense they are.

#352 Imogen Heap
Why we include them? They don’t seem to care much for conventional musical rules and have some strong talents spread out.

Why we could have left them out? A little bit too repetitive in theme, but would never have left these guys out.

Memory? Filming our short HAILEY and hearing Hide and Seek play in the trailer….riveting.

#351 Megadeath
Why we include them? Dave Mustaine? That should be a good enough reason.

Why we could have left them out? Always come off as having this Metallica-like chip on their shoulders and the music suffered.

Memory? Peace Sells...rocking my world in high school.

DAY 1 of Countdown

#396 Blind Guardian
#397 The Bravery
#398 The Verve
#399 Tantric
#400 Vast

DAY 2 of Countdown

#391 Kate Bush
#392 Seven Mary Three
#393 Godhead
#394 Paul Van Dyk
#395 Sonata Arcata

Day 3 of Countdown

#386 Scorpions
#387 Captain Hollywood Project
#388 4 Strings
#389 Ian Van Dahl
#390 Gothminister

Day 4 of Countdown

#381 SITD
#382 Genitorturers
#383 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
#384 Crossbreed
#385 Wumpscut

Day 5 of Countdown

#376 Red Flag
#377 OOMPH!
#378 Dope
#379 Darude
#380 Cappella

Day 6 of Countdown

#371 David Gray
#372 Bif Naked
#373 Frou Frou
#374 Solid Base
#375 Powerman 500

Day 7 of Countdown

#366 Tiesto
#367 The Killers
#368 Lycia
#369 Crass
#370 Shinedown

Day 8 of Countdown

#361 Seal
#362 The Buzzcocks
#363 Hungry Lucy
#364 Fear Factory
#365 Mesh

Day 9 of Countdown

#356 Primal Scream
#357 De/Vision
#358 A Skylit Drive
#359 Violent Femmes
#360 Snow Patrol


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