From the EYES Of…Ed Drury, writing is music to his ears

Ed Drury (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


PORTLAND, Ore. – It’s like music to his ears…writing.

Well not only the art of writing, but the fact that Ed Drury is all about music only makes for the rhythm to flow from his authoring fingertips.

The Portland native works in the Northwest as a soundtrack composer and has now dived into the world of authoring books.

“I write primarily to tell stories inspired by the people in my life,” Drury said. “I’ve worked a lot of different jobs and met people from literally every walk of life. Being a good listener, I’ve heard all their stories and try to fictionalize them as best I can.”

He has embarked in writing at a time where his life is surrounded by music, either composing or educating people about it.

“It is not too difficult to balance my music teaching and writing career with my writing career,” Drury said. “The two usually balance each other nicely.”

Despite being gifted and learned in the world of music he doesn’t believe he is at a disadvantage as a writer.

Just one of the works of musical writing by Portland, Oregon author Ed Drury (courtesy art)

“I have writing friends who have advanced degrees in the fine arts,” he said. “While their degrees have made them more employable, especially in the field of education, I’m not sure I would say they are better writers because of it. They might well beg to differ.”

What no one would argue against is a good laugh is loved by all and Drury aims to make that commonplace amongst his followers.

“I find it most rewarding when one of my readers laughs out loud,” Drury said. “Obviously, I don’t get to hear that first hand. So when I write something funny, I laugh a little louder.”

The husband to Lisa Drury for 32 years, Ed has had a successful marriage, but that doesn’t mean he believes the same in writing is necessary to enjoy the craft.

“Success has never been a career goal of mine,” he said. “Success for me is completing a project, teaching a student or writing either a paragraph or melody that I am truly satisfied with. These are my three goals. Create something I’m proud of or inspire someone else to create something they are proud of.”

A follower of Mark Twain, Phillip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. for their humorous style of writing, Drury admits to enjoying a good laugh. He hopes his style can get readers to enjoy his works while also having a good time.

“Hopefully readers will want to read me because they are looking for an original voice who doesn’t portray characters as stereotypes or conform to the normal formulas of genre fiction,” Drury said. “I try to write likable yet complex characters that people can relate to. I also try to avoid gratuitous anything be it violence, sex or sensationalism. Those themes come up without invention or manipulation – but they are not the focus of my life, nor my writing.”

One of his writings could eventually be about a topic many in the Northwest are very familiar hearing and reading about.

“I would love to write about the wild west, particular that short period of around 12 years or so that is associated with the so called gunslingers,” Drury said. “Since I was a small kid growing up in rural Oregon, I was always taken by the stories of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson and Johnie Ringo. What I’ve learned over the years is that these personalities where much more complex than portrayed in film and on television. I’d love to write an accurate portrayal of the woman known as Big Nose Kate. I think there is much more to her story than is commonly known. I’d love to tell it and set the record straight.”


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3 responses to “From the EYES Of…Ed Drury, writing is music to his ears

  1. When I had the fortune of interviewing Ed as well as learning more about him here with Dale, I was looking for information on an Ocarina for the prehistorical hero of my sci/fi/fantasy. I went to check out Ed’s links on Amazon to discover he had written a factual book on the Didjeridu. There is a free preview of that book – and while it may be factual for those that need the facts, it is also highly entertaining for us readers that like our facts wrapped nicely in prose. You’ll be hooked. I was.

    And you live in one of my favorite cities too!

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