From the EYES Of…Sean T. Page, a war on the dead, with support all around

Sean T. Page (courtesy photo)

By AK Dale


LONDON, U.K. – It all began with a love of reading.

Then it evolved into trying to help prepare the world for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Sean T. Page of London is a part-time writer of horror fiction and yet remains a full-time bastion of positive energy.

“I have always enjoyed reading and came to writing later on,” Page said. “I love the creative part of putting a story together. I am a big short story fan and horror is my genre. I’m generally a pretty positive person.”

Working as a system implementation manager and “happily married” man, Page admits to being a trekker and climber.

Well as he continues to lead the organization of the Ministry of Zombies and promote his first novel, War Against the Walking Dead, his climb is tenfold.

He should only be able to ride the crest of his wave even more as his new novel MetaHorde is approaching release in the next few months.

“It’s a nice feeling when people read and enjoy the books,” Page said. “I love getting feedback from people, when start writing their own stories and you get to play a part.”

While he appreciates the attention he gets, Page admits disappointment in seeing some good authors never get their due.

“So many people, some really good authors get over looked whilst others get endless awards,” he said. “It’s strange the way some books sell, others don’t. I would point to John McCuaig’s The Church as a novel, which is brilliant, but over-looked.”

Page continues to try to write despite the busyness that is called his life.

“My work has to come first and I write in my spare time,” Page said. “I love writing, probably like most authors, if I was a millionaire I’d concentrate on it but for the moment, I need to make a living as well. The main obstacle is just finding the time.”

Focusing readers on how to survive a horde of the undead, Page aims to complete his book series that began with War.

I would love to finish my Ministry of Zombies series – that’s six or seven books, with four done so far,” Page said. “Then I want to develop that Ministry of Zombiesbrand. After that, I’d like to try something different. I have done very well in terms of sales here in the UK but I haven’t got much recognition – be nice to get some of that too – who doesn’t want a little certificate to hang on the wall next to my 25-yard breaststroke from Scouts.”

Getting ready for a “War Against the Walking Dead” by Sean T. Page (courtesy art)

In the meantime, he will plug forward with the help of his supporters and publisher, Severed Press.

I found a very good publisher and we have built a very successful partnership together,” Page said. “I owe them my thanks for all the support. Severed Press has really looked after me. I should also mention fellow authors like Rebecca Besser and Charles Day who have been very supportive over the years.”

That support carries over to the fans that have made a difference along the way as Page remains a writer who waxes nostalgic.

“I love many of the older ghost story writers – stuff from the 20s and 30s,” Page said. “I only really read modern stuff to review it. I’m stuck in the past. Personally, I’ve had a lot of encouragement from friends, family and e-friends!”





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