It’s finally here! CODE FLESH released today on Kindle, Create Space

The upcoming “DNA: Code Flesh” book by Alan Dale (courtesy art)


Mark it down: July 3, 2012…the day the zombie fiction genre officially was turned on its ear…

Well as long as readers can wait another 18 months or so.

Author Alan Dale has released “DEAD NATIONS’ ARMY BOOK ONE: CODE FLESH” and now he hopes to kick start a movement to make the franchise relevant in not only the eyes of the zombie and horror fans, but readers of politics, news, and social issues.

“This is meant to be a cross cultural and genre-bending event,” Dale said. “DNA is a horror book first. But the horror may be more in the premise and message than the actual scenery. It is a metaphor wrapped around a social studies lesson.”

The release also ties in to Dale’s recently launched KID KAT PROJECT. Dale will take a portion of his proceeds and donate it to a NO KILL animal shelter in the Portland, Oregon area which he has “adopted” as his own.

“I hope to create enough revenue to provide them money for a part-time position that would allow the shelter to give those animals a constant companion to love them before they hopefully get adopted,” Dale said about the project he named after his cat he saved while living in Lakeview, Oregon. “There are also people who love animals who are either lonely or can’t afford to buy or keep a pet. This would give them a bit more incentive and allow the animals to keep from being lonely for someone to count on.”

Dale’s hopes are for the KID KAT PROJECT to catch on amongst other authors, musicians, and film makers.

In the meantime he just hopes his new book hits pay dirt.

The premise reads like this:

A New World Order is now in place ruling the planet, one that the populace allowed to get out of control. The elite government officials, the most wealthy persons, those deemed ‘important’ now live in Utopias, waiting for the other 99 percent to die.

Originally the Order planned your demise via disease…yet, with the aid of a blessed ‘mistake’ they now have an army to do that for them…a vicious, desperate, hungry, army of zombies – or scrats –  needing to eat human flesh in order to survive or die themselves…

The Dead Nations’ Army, or DNA, exists worldwide to aid those trapped in ‘Survivor Communities’ by fighting the Order and the scrats en route to providing medicine, sustenance, munitions, and whatever else they can find.

Two siblings torn apart by the rise of the NWO find themselves on both sides of the war and realize after all these years they will need each other once again to survive.

However, the Order have other plans and the scrats appear to have plans of their own. Both have one thing in common: the destruction of the people left behind to fend for themselves.

Dale hopes to have the entire trilogy complete by late 2013 or early 2014.

He also has begun working on a Young Adult companion series, the Dead Education’s Army series that will be placed in the same world but set in an alternative reality than the DNA series. The first book will be named “FLESH CODE” and Dale said it should be available by the end of the summer.

“I also hope to release 10 standalone prequel novellas about central characters in DNA,” Dale said. “Those would come out between the second and final books. Hopefully they could tie the whole series up in a nice little bow.”

CODE FLESH is currently $3.99 for the first week of the release and $4.99 afterwards, via AMAZON KINDLE, and $7.99 via CREATE SPACE for the PRINT VERSION.

To also read an interview with Dale regarding his life leading up to the book, visit, “From the Eyes of Alan Dale…Is He Your Enemy or Ally? Pick Wisely.

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